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The Friday Five - Ozarkian Legend

What shall we discuss today? Oh, how about one of my favorites?


Look at that attention to detail. Tail bones and all.
There once was a hunter who had three hounds. It was a lean fall and he'd been all over the countryside trying to catch game so he and the dogs could eat. One evening he was hunting a rabbit. He thought he missed and when he went to search if he'd hit it or not, he saw a strange shape peering out of the bushes. Its eyes glowed red and it had a long, bushy tail. Hungry, he shot at it and managed to shoot its tail off. The creature howled and ran away, but left it's severed appendage behind. The hunter took the tail home and boiled it up into a nice stew.

As he drifted off to sleep that night, stomach full, he heard a rustling and scratching in the chimney. Jerking awake, he saw the red glowing eyes and heard a voice say, "Give me back my taily-poo!"

He jumped out and bed and sicced the dogs on the creature, which scuttled up the chimney. The dogs were gone for a while and when they came back there were only two. He worried about the missing dog, but exhaustion pulled him toward sleep again. It wasn't long before he heard the scratching again and another demand. "Give me back my taily-poo!"

He made the dogs go after the creature once more. But only one returned. The hunter clutched his rifle and waited to see if the creature would come back.

Familiar scratching alerted him to the creature's presence.

"I want my taily-poo!" it shrieked.

"I haven't got your taily-poo!" he shouted.

 He told the dog to get it, but the dog ran out the cabin door in fright. The creature crept down the chimney and the hunter was so frightened by the animal with glowing eyes, massive claws, and pointed bobcat ears that he dropped his gun.

A few months went by and the townsfolk realized they hadn't heard anything from the hunter in some time. A group of them went up to his cabin and searched, but there was no sign of him or the dogs. As they headed back to the town, they heard a gleeful voice in the woods singing, "Taily-poo, taily-poo, I got back my taily-poo."

I think the most horrifying part of this story is that disembodied voice in the woods. Eep!


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