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Tuesday Tattler

Public domain. Because the Library of Congress says so.
Ugh those red robes and awestruck faces just scream "Pompous!"
Let the slaughter begin.
Of all the rude things! I didn't have a post yesterday! Well, that's because it was Columbus Day here in the States. You know, the one where white people celebrate the doom of red people. Or something like that. In 1792, America celebrated 300 years of discovery. In 1892, America celebrated 400 years of (because nothin' says 'patriotic' like slaying your red brethren). It became an official national holiday in 1937. Never mind that America was discovered by wandering nomads and Vikings first.

So what was I doing on my big day off? We went to the lake. I got you pictures, but I didn't put the on my flash drive. Sorry! It's been chilly here the last week or so, but the temps hit about 60-ish yesterday (we're shooting for 70 today). There wasn't much boat traffic on the lake and it made for some lovely scenes that you can't see right now.

I also hit 60,000 words on my WIP (currently titled The Siren's Suitor). The heroine, Emer, has just taken over as queen even though deep down she doesn't want to do it. Fortunately she has the hero, Ransom, at her back. Also, there's a steampunk airplane. And a war. Some serious black moments are coming. You know, writing the first chapter of the book is hard. Writing the black moments and climax, way harder. Or at least that's my thought until I start my next book and I'll be all, writing first chapters is hard.

Happy Tuesday, kiddies. Pictures soon, I promise.