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November Is My Enemy

I'm frazzled, angry, bewildered, at the end of my rope.

Which is bizarre, because I haven't really done anything this month. I have watched countless hours of television/movies, been all over the countryside, slept, ate, showered, made lots of grunting noises like I'm listening when I'm really not, and generally haven't done anything.

There have been changes at work. There have been so many "hey boss, this doesn't work" episodes in the few days I've actually been at work, that I almost forgot how to type because he was at my computer and I was staring at the wall with nothing to do.

Ever feel like you're spinning
and God only knows what
the world is going to look
like when you stop?
I've actually only been at my desk 14 days out of this month thanks to holidays and long weekends. And like my day job, in my other life--my writing life--I don't seem to be getting anything done. Oh, I guess writing 2,000 words on Sunday night was something, but considering I hadn't written anything since November 17th and that was maybe 500 words, that's not really what you'd call good progress. Maybe it's just what I wouldn't call good progress. Probably I'm too hard on myself.  Or maybe I'm not hard enough *whip crack*.

I have done next to no editing on The Turncoat's Temptress which I'm telling people (yep, I'm crazy) is coming out in April. That's five months. Maybe I should be fine tuning that instead of writing that stinking pile of refuse that I have to fight for every word on in my WIP. I love TcT. Good story, great characters. I want to use them to beat these other characters into submission.

My promos for THL and SPW have gone sharply downhill because of work and the cat fight that is this WIP. Not good, not good.

I thought taking a break from work would be the cleansing breath I needed to get my writing back on focus. Um, turns out that wasn't it. You know what? In the tradition of the generation after mine, I think I'll just point the blame at someone else. (Mine's the one where we're all like, whatever. We don't have to listen to you because you're just our parents. What do you know? You know, the sarcastic, broody ones. In case this post didn't reflect that.)

NaNoWriMo, this is all your fault! Because I didn't participate, I didn't get anything done. Thanks a lot. Not.

So as I gaze into the future of 2013, desperately trying to make sense of the haze, I'm wondering what I can do to pick things up. Here are my options:

1) Do nothing (I excel at this one).
2) Keep plugging along on this WIP (which gets the second most blame for my lag).
3) Stop writing this WIP, move on to something entirely different and come back to it later (let me make that clear: abandon all hope of ever seeing this novel).
4) Modify the end of TcT so that there is no "next novel" (crazy, desperate me likes this one).
5) Leave the end of TcT alone, focus on the next series, and maybe come back to L&L in a year (which is sort of like option #3, only positive).

And now we just enter these numbers into the handy device at and come up with a solution. No, I didn't really do that. Here's what's happening.

I am steadily plugging along on the WIP. Well, I would be if I wasn't typing this post and didn't have a bajillion other things to do. But that's what I'm trying to do. I will dedicate myself to TcT very, very, very soon. I like having a project open while I'm editing so that when my eyeballs are bleeding from editing, I can turn to something else.

I'm sure once November is over, things will just be positively super-wonderful.