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That Thing Where I Whine Because I Do That

I forgot to get you a post again today. It's okay if you want to throw things at me. Or maybe you're worn out from all the politicking and you didn't notice that I forgot. Never fear. I'm here now.

There's no big news on the writing front. I was unable to recover the MS I lost, but as it's my own stupid fault, there's no one to blame but me. Pick up the pieces and tie them together best as I remember, except better because I was seriously ashamed of the writing in that MS. I'm not joking, it was just bad. Bad as in, that really didn't deserve to see the light of day. Whether it was a total accident or my subconscious did it on purpose, the world is a better place for it.

It doesn't matter because even when I had that MS sitting in front of me, cursor blinking, waiting for a few more words . . . any words . . . I was already thinking, what if I changed this? So now I'm working harder on those changes and I'm glad for the ability to do it

The biggest issue here is that I wasn't ready to put my keyboard away and focus solely on editing. I had the burning desire to keep writing and I've managed. I could have given up in disgust and said the hell with it, those characters aren't worth working over. Now I have a stronger male protagonist and he definitely has more interesting back story.

I'm thinking about switching things up a little when I finish this go-round. For the next novel, I want to do a chapter or two in the present (the character's present) and then do a chapter or two in her past. I know, I shouldn't even be thinking that far ahead right now. It'll add to the jumbled confusion already in my mind. But I do need some kind of grasp of how to round this all off in the end.

I hate that, saying the end. I chalk that up as the number one reason why this WIP has given me so much crap. It's knowing that the series is drawing to a close and that's tough. It would be like making really good friends in one country, then picking up and leaving forever to go to another country. Sure, authors do it all the time. I'm just really fond of all the characters. So fond that sometimes I just say their names in my head to hear them. Let's do it now!

Abel & Romy
Van Buren & Sophie
Basil & Nora
Ransom & Emer

Okay, that's all I'll give you right now, but wasn't that fun? Well, tell me to suck it up because all good things must end. And it's still going to be a while.


  1. Sorry I'm stopping by so late. I've been so dang busy.

    I'm so sorry you couldn't get your lost MS back. I don't want to sound like an ass, but sometimes things happen for a reason. I bet you will rewrite that sucker better than it was before.


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