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The Friday Five - Christmas Gifts for Writers under $30

Now on Friday!

I feel like because this is the last day of the month and Christmas is right around the corner that today would be a great time to explore five options for gifting this year. I really enjoyed helping you search for gifts last year. This Friday I'm focusing solely on gifts for the writer in your life (or yourself). You should know I'm not making any profit (or taking any bribes) to advertise these things.

Here we go:

1) Self stirring mug - This is a brilliant idea. It's going to save us writers a lot of time and hand motions, because we'd way rather get repetitive motion injuries from typing. And it's under $15. Bargain!

2) Nose pencil sharpener - For those of you still using pencils (I hate them, myself), or using colored ones for editing, how funny (or juvenile) is it to relive your childhood and stick a pencil up your nose? Well now it comes with an added bonus! Sharpening! Another great bargain at $5.

3) Are you the kind of person who writes stuff on your hands as a reminder? Well now you can temporarily have tasks tattooed on your hand for easy remembrance with To-Do Tattoo. For a mere $5.

4) To stay on top of our game, most of us writers like to read as well. Let's incorporate the zombie craze with our love of reading. How about a bedtime story after a long day of writing? Pat the Zombie will give you the chuckles you require after writing those emotion-draining scenes in your own novel. Still under $5. (Worth checking out the preview.)

5) Just for the romance writers! How about getting your hot hubby (or significant other, current favorite romance novel cover hottie, et cetera) a kilt bath towel? This one is a little higher at $30, but totally worth it, wouldn't you say?

BONUS: This is a really cool idea. How about a custom glass tile pendant of your (or the author in your life's book cover?) Search for custom glass title pendant and find a crafter who can do this for you. It's unique and a real conversation starter, I'm told.

Maybe next week we'll explore Christmas gifts for people besides writers, eh? Have an excellent, relaxing weekend, kids. Don't let the Christmas rush get you down.


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