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When Approached By Zazzle, You Don't Just Walk Away

Hey guys, today we're trying something different. I was approached by these guys in a van about selling some merchandise that "fell off a truck" . . . Okay, no what really happened was I got an e-mail from Zazzle, where I sometimes look at stuff, particularly funny items, and they asked if I would mention a couple of things in a blog post.

This is what you get when I run out of ideas. Does it make me a sell-out? No! Because I'm providing you a service. You might like what they're selling. Personally, I don't understand the mustache thing, but I think it's funny. Which probably makes me an idiot since I don't understand it, but I do get Sasquatch, so there you go. As for the other shirt, it's my favorite when someone says that. Okay, no one has ever said that to me, but I can dream.

And on this model is the spectacularly fantastic Sasquatch t-shirt perfect for hiking in the woods, driving to Taco Bell for fourth meal, and honing your Xbox skills.

Our model Jessica is wearing the shirt everyone is wearing this season. We know because everyone is wearing it.

It's old-timey, so it's hilarious, right?

And it wasn't all: "Tell people to buy our stuff because your blog is lame." It was do this and we'll give you something in exchange. Like a bribe, kind of. You know me, I can be bought off just like everyone else. It's sort of like mutually beneficial advertising. I mean, I get money if you buy one of those books of my Amazon ferris wheel. Also, I'm not sure why I'm trying to justify this. So look at the merchandise I've selected . . . or else, Zazzle will come to my house and break my legs. No, they would never do that.

In retrospect, I probably should have title this something like "Fun Christmas Gifts from Zazzle". Maybe next time. If the Zazzle representatives aren't totally freaked out by my lack of salesmanship skills. I can just see the next e-mail.

"Dear Blogger,
Please remove that post from your blog and any mention of our corporation, or we will be forced to send someone to your house to break your kneecaps."

Nah. People don't still really do that. Do they?


  1. I must ask you a question but I'll save it for later.

    1. See, it's impossible to resist the humor of that mug.


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