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Where I Just Do Some More Rambling: Weighing The Pros & Cons of Hibernation

I've been about useless this week, haven't I? Lots of stuff going on in the real world, not so much stuff going on in the one inside my head. Well, nothing writerly anyway. And I darn sure didn't get you a Friday Five. Eh, it's one of those days.

I've begun work on the book trailer for The Turncoat's Temptress, even if I haven't added the scenes to the MS that I told myself I would. I may have picked a date for its release, but I'm still thinking abut it, so I won't announce that just yet.

I added a couple thousand more words to the WIP and caught up on watching the CW's Arrow. Yes, thank you, I will enjoy staring at a tortured alpha hero. Give me more. You know, instead of working on my own.

Was skipping NaNo a mistake this year? Am I behind because I'm not pounding out the required 1667 per day? Meh. The whole point is, I know I can get out a full-fledged novel in two months if I want to. It's good to make myself sit down and focus on writing enough words every day that I can do that, but it's also nice to let my brain simmer in the perfect mess that is November.

Previously I have stated that I believe I might be part bear. Hibernation seems like a wonderful idea. Think about it: you miss the holidays, you lose weight because you can't be bothered to wake up and eat, you're well-rested for the spring. It's brilliant if you ask me.

On the other hand, your inbox would pile up, your marketing would falter and sales would probably vanish, and aside from all that, most of us have people who depend on us couldn't function if we didn't make their lives simpler. Probably my dog would eat my face if I went to sleep and didn't feed him for three months. I'm kind of attached to my face. I'm going to stop talking about violent animal face eating now.

I have a long weekend coming up, because Monday is Veteran's Day, so don't expect anything from me then. Also, I have days off on the 16th and the 19th, so I will also probably be scarce next week. Give me a break, I hate this month. I do what I must to make it tolerable and I never take real vacations.

'Til next Wednesday, y'all. Do better than me, go write or edit.


  1. You are awesome. I wish I has half as awesome as you. No way could I write a full novel in 2 months. No way!
    Take a break dammit. You earned it.

  2. You've been cranking out the work--you deserve a break. Enjoy a little time off. :-) Sorry I've been missing your blogs (haven't kept up with anyone the last few months). Hope I'm back "in the groove."


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