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Post-Christmas Crash

It's Boxing Day! I had to work. I feel envious of children and college students on Christmas break. I remember being in college and going to day-after Christmas sales at the mall. *Sits on floor, arms crossed, lips in full pout* I wanna go shopping for bargains!

Alas, the life of the (super-happy to be when so many are not) employed. My butt is also burning a bit because I have to work New Year's Eve. I mean, we might as well not even take New Year's Day. What's the point?

So, are you exhausted from the holidays? Got your tree down yet? Mine's still up. I came home from my mom's yesterday and crashed. It was freezing cold in the bedroom, so I dragged on my long johns, crawled beneath the quilt and napped with my sock cap still on. All that could be seen was orange sock cap. I wasn't the only one feeling the crush. PeeWee slept all the way home, slept in his basket when we got home, and then slept long and hard in my chair during the evening after I roused myself. He was not interested in getting up this morning to face 20 degree (Fahrenheit) temperatures to go potty. When I left the bathroom after applying copious amounts of concealer and make up, I found he'd made himself a new bed out of my Snuggie. Please, you have a permanent fur coat!

All that snow the weather people were hollering for? Nary a flake in sight. I was kind of thinking I might get today off due to snow. 'Course not. Couldn't let that happen. There's work to be done. Okay, you know I didn't really want the snow because I. Hate. Snow. I'm glad to see the sun shining today, even if it is a waste at what is currently 31 degrees. Huzzah, we . . . no, wait. It's still freezing outside at 31. Oy.

So I've been hard at work writing this month to make up for all the words I lost in November when I accidentally (possibly subconsciously on purpose) deleted my WIP. As of today I'm at 47,000 and some change. Next month I will set about writing my fingers into dust to finish that book. I only need 33,000. I'm participating somewhat hesitantly (not because of them, what a great group of people) in Jano to try to finish this thing off once and for all. I say hesitantly because I'm all, do I really want the stress of writing gobs and oodles everyday for a month? I've already committed, so yes, yes I must.


  1. There are a lot of bad things about being self-employed--like no benefits and not knowing whether I'll be able to pay myself this month. But I love having the flexibility to mostly set my own schedule and take the last week of December off.

    I have a relatively light business load in January, and I'm hesitantly planning to attempt JANO, as well.

  2. My decorations are still up. Tomorrow I'll start taking down the lights and other crap but leave the tree up until New Years day. Heard it's bad luck to take it down before N.Y.D. And I don't need any more bad luck.


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