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The Friday Five - All About New Year's

I know it's only the 28th and New Year's is still four days away. But it's Friday and I have nothing else, so you're getting five facts about New Year's. Monday we'll recap the year, 'kay?

1) Guy Lombardo, not Robert Burns, popularized the song "Auld Lang Syne" by featuring it at New Year's at the Roosevelt Hotel in 1929.

2) You may have heard that it's good luck for a dark-haired man to be the first to enter your home on New Year's Day. This belief is from Hogmanay, Scotland (where Auld Lang Syne was written).

3) In Spain, it's traditional to eat 12 grapes before midnight to usher in 12 good months for the year. All at once, or ...? Before you even ask: No, I don't think wine counts, kids.

4) January was not added to the calender until about 700 B.C. March 1st used to be the beginning of a new year.

5) In Medieval Europe New Year's was often celebrated on December 25th to coincide with the Jesus' birth. January 1st was abolished in 567 A.D. because many of the celebrates were consider pagan-like.

Well, whatever you do on New Year's, I hope you get where you're going--or are able to relax at home--safely, comfortably, and that the upcoming year brings you everything you need. I didn't say want because I don't want anyone getting greedy.

Here's a little New Year's Blessing from me to you:
May the wind not muss your hair,
May the door not smash your finger,
May the car always start and tires not be flat,
May there always be the beverage of your choice when you wake in the mornings,
And may pie always solve your problems.


  1. LOL thanks for the New Year blessing. Pie does solve all my problems, only problem is, it only lasts as long as the pie.


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