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The Friday Five - What With The World Ending and All

Photo by Topsoft.
Welcome to the last normal Friday the human race will ever experience. Sit back, enjoy a beverage, put your feet on the expensive coffee table, rack up your credit card bills, and kiss your loved ones good bye. We're done.

If you believe that. Personally, I like to make fun of stuff and irritate people, so I've decided to take this opportunity to list the five things I would miss most if the world ends next Friday. My family is a given, they don't qualify for this list. Let's go.

1) There are movies coming out that I want to see, people. Seriously. My mom tells me I have my priorities wrong, that I should be worrying about electricity and not freezing to death over movie-going, but Hollywood feeds me these movie trailers and I covet the opportunity to pay money to watch characters getting the poo kicked out of them. For example: Thor 2: The Dark World, The Lone Ranger, Star Trek Into Darkness, and yes, The Host.

2) I could say electricity, but that would be boring and predictable. Instead, how about the next Odd Thomas novel. Because, seriously, I want that dude to get what's coming to him (in a good way, of course). I've been forced to endure all the sad, horrible things that happened to him and how he lost the love of his life. I want him to be happy in the end. I deserve that after following him through many misadventures. Also, I deserve to see him come to life in a movie. A good movie! Not that crap like One For the Money.

3) Dr. Pepper and lemon meringue pie. Oh, come on. You knew that was coming. I can't survive without Dr. Pepper (I see you shaking your head and mouthing 'Water. You can't live without water'. I'll have you know that Dr. Pepper is made with carbonated water. You can't have that without water). Also, I feel like it's rude to insist I live without solid sunshine--my nickname for lemon pie.

4) The Interwebz. This crazy little invention is over half my source of entertainment. There are books, there are LOLcatz, there's Facebook, Wikipedia, and this blog. I need the Internet. I'm fairly certain I couldn't survive without it.

5) The release of The Turncoat's Temptress. Erm, I may have pushed the release date back again. I have this niggling doubtful fear that everyone will hate it (despite everyone who's read it assuring me they love it). I'm more nervous about this one than The Treasure Hunter's Lady because it's taken an odd path. I want you to read TcT. I do, really. I just . . . I'm not ready to throw it out there yet. Or maybe until May . . . . I'll think about.

Happy Friday! Enjoy the weekend, because if the Mayans are right, the apocalypse is coming and you can't stop it. FYI, did you know apocalypse means 'an uncovering'. So I'm not sure how that word describes the end of the world, but whatever. This time next Friday we could be sitting around waiting for Judgment and sharing a Snickers.


  1. LOL, I like all the things you'd miss. I want to see The Lone Ranger and I have to see The Hobbit.


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