Friday, November 30, 2012

The Friday Five - Christmas Gifts for Writers under $30

Now on Friday!

I feel like because this is the last day of the month and Christmas is right around the corner that today would be a great time to explore five options for gifting this year. I really enjoyed helping you search for gifts last year. This Friday I'm focusing solely on gifts for the writer in your life (or yourself). You should know I'm not making any profit (or taking any bribes) to advertise these things.

Here we go:

1) Self stirring mug - This is a brilliant idea. It's going to save us writers a lot of time and hand motions, because we'd way rather get repetitive motion injuries from typing. And it's under $15. Bargain!

2) Nose pencil sharpener - For those of you still using pencils (I hate them, myself), or using colored ones for editing, how funny (or juvenile) is it to relive your childhood and stick a pencil up your nose? Well now it comes with an added bonus! Sharpening! Another great bargain at $5.

3) Are you the kind of person who writes stuff on your hands as a reminder? Well now you can temporarily have tasks tattooed on your hand for easy remembrance with To-Do Tattoo. For a mere $5.

4) To stay on top of our game, most of us writers like to read as well. Let's incorporate the zombie craze with our love of reading. How about a bedtime story after a long day of writing? Pat the Zombie will give you the chuckles you require after writing those emotion-draining scenes in your own novel. Still under $5. (Worth checking out the preview.)

5) Just for the romance writers! How about getting your hot hubby (or significant other, current favorite romance novel cover hottie, et cetera) a kilt bath towel? This one is a little higher at $30, but totally worth it, wouldn't you say?

BONUS: This is a really cool idea. How about a custom glass tile pendant of your (or the author in your life's book cover?) Search for custom glass title pendant and find a crafter who can do this for you. It's unique and a real conversation starter, I'm told.

Maybe next week we'll explore Christmas gifts for people besides writers, eh? Have an excellent, relaxing weekend, kids. Don't let the Christmas rush get you down.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

"Sugar & Spice" by Kristen Bearisto

Sugar & Spice

by Kristen Beairsto
Contemporary Romance
Heat Level: Steamy
Length: 122 pages

Available at:
Amazon || B&N || Kobo

Sugar and spice makes everything nice, but mixing business and pleasure can come with a price . . .

Francis Stevens – Frankie to her friends – has declared herself permanently single after a couple of monumentally disastrous relationships. And she doesn’t mind at all. Between the international expansion of the lingerie catalog company she runs with her friends, labor strikes, and her regular work load, she has little time for love or a relationship.

But Royce Weston has other ideas. After his family accuses him of becoming a workaholic, a chance encounter with Frankie at a night club has his mind on things other than business. As luck would have it, Royce winds up the executive assigned to work with Frankie and her lingerie company when she partners with his family’s investment firm to fund her expansion.

Despite Frankie’s outward appearance of confidence and swagger, insecurities rear up and cause her to over compensate and drive harder for what she wants. Doubts weigh her down and with Royce watching her every move, she fights to keep her businesswoman’s fa├žade firmly in place. But while Frankie tries her best to keep her mind on business, she can’t ignore the way Royce’s touch makes her feel or the fact that he makes it clear he’s interested in more than just a business relationship. When all of her defense mechanisms fail to keep him at arm’s length, Frankie finds herself wondering: is it possible to mix business and pleasure?

“Any chance you’d leave the catalog to come have dinner with me?”

Frankie froze. Was he asking her out? She shook her head, reminding herself it didn’t matter.

Frankie dropped her pencil and sat back in her chair to stretch for a moment, “Sorry, I can’t. I need to get this done as soon as possible. Wisconsin really set me back.” She tried to stomp down her regret.

“That’s what I thought you’d say.”

Whipping around, Frankie stared disbelieving at the sight of Royce standing in the doorway leading to her office. Looking much the same the night he showed up at her apartment with dark hair mussed, suit jacket slung over his arm, tie undone hanging around his neck, and his briefcase in his hand along with a brown paper bag. In his free hand, he held his BlackBerry to his ear.

The corner of his mouth curving upward, he took the phone from his ear and turned it off without taking his eyes off her.

“How did you get in?” Frankie finally asked when she found her voice again.

Arching a brow, Royce pointed to the cell phone she still held to her ear.

Turning her head, Frankie looked blankly at the phone as though she didn’t know how it got there. With an embarrassed blush rushing up her cheeks, she rolled her eyes at herself and turned the phone off.

Royce strolled into the room, “You forget, Weston, Inc. owns this building, which means I have access to a key,” he set his briefcase and the bag of food on the table beside her layouts, “but we can’t talk because we have to dance.”

Totally bewildered, Frankie just stared at him, “Huh?”

Coming around behind her chair, Royce pulled it out from under the table, “My mother was born and raised in Vegas. If there’s one thing she taught me, other than never talk to strangers and always brush my teeth …” he informed her as he pulled Frankie to her feet, her shock at his sudden appearance and his announcement made it easy.

Taking her hand in his, he moved her other hand to his shoulder and his free hand took up a firm position at the small of her back. He pulled her so close she felt the heat of his body envelop her, “You never let a beautiful woman sit while she listened to Ol’ Blue Eyes. Frank’s songs were made for dancing.”

As Fly With Me began, Frankie had the vague sensation of her feet moving in step as Royce led her in time with the melody.

“I should warn you, I’ve broken toes before,” she tried for a light tone. She found herself having a hard time breathing. Had the room been this warm all night?

With the same lopsided grin, “I think I’ll take my chances,” he informed her right before moving her into an unexpected turn.

Almost losing her balance, Royce caught her just before she lost her footing, causing her to laugh as she fell back in step with him. She couldn’t help but enjoy herself. When he moved for another turn, she stood ready for him, laughing smugly, ridiculously proud of herself.

“Not bad,” he gave an approving nod.

“Maybe for an empty office, but not exactly ballroom material,” she joked.

The song ended and flowed into Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered so quickly, Frankie didn’t even notice when Royce slowed their movements considerably.

Smiling at him, Frankie relished the feel of his arms firmly around her for a moment, “You’re very good at this.”

Royce grinned, “It’s one of the main attractions on my resume. My mother thinks it's romantic to be able to dance this way, while my father only knows how to dance this way. When they started dragging me to their friends’ parties, I didn’t have a choice but to learn.”

“Well, you’re still very good. And I agree with your mother, it is romantic,” she chuckled.

When they actually stopped moving, Frankie didn’t know. But she soon realized they stood still, his fierce sapphire gaze locked with hers. She ordered herself to break the contact to look anywhere else but into his eyes, but she couldn’t.

He leaned slightly downward towards her, “Maybe Mom was right,” he whispered, his head descending the rest of the way.

About the Author:

In between her to-be-read pile and trying to bring the characters in her head alive, Kristen spends as much time as she can with family and friends. Much to her husband’s dismay, she enjoys collecting purses, shoes, and jewelry. During those rare times she’s not working at her day job, rushing her daughters somewhere, watching movies with her husband, and trying to meet a deadline, she can usually be found energetically cheering for one of her favorite New York sports teams.

As with just about every other writer on the planet, Kristen grew up an avid reader. She started with young adult before she technically hit the age range and moved on to sci-fi classics by Isaac Asimov and Ray Bradbury. At fifteen, her best friend gave her a book she just had to read! The book was Honest Illusions by Nora Roberts. Always a sucker for a happy ending, she was a goner and fell in love with the romance genre. Having started writing novel length stories at the age of eleven, Kristen’s stories all took a romantic turn from that point on.

Visit Kristen online at:
Email -
Website -
Facebook -
Twitter -!/AuthorKBeairsto

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

November Is My Enemy

I'm frazzled, angry, bewildered, at the end of my rope.

Which is bizarre, because I haven't really done anything this month. I have watched countless hours of television/movies, been all over the countryside, slept, ate, showered, made lots of grunting noises like I'm listening when I'm really not, and generally haven't done anything.

There have been changes at work. There have been so many "hey boss, this doesn't work" episodes in the few days I've actually been at work, that I almost forgot how to type because he was at my computer and I was staring at the wall with nothing to do.

Ever feel like you're spinning
and God only knows what
the world is going to look
like when you stop?
I've actually only been at my desk 14 days out of this month thanks to holidays and long weekends. And like my day job, in my other life--my writing life--I don't seem to be getting anything done. Oh, I guess writing 2,000 words on Sunday night was something, but considering I hadn't written anything since November 17th and that was maybe 500 words, that's not really what you'd call good progress. Maybe it's just what I wouldn't call good progress. Probably I'm too hard on myself.  Or maybe I'm not hard enough *whip crack*.

I have done next to no editing on The Turncoat's Temptress which I'm telling people (yep, I'm crazy) is coming out in April. That's five months. Maybe I should be fine tuning that instead of writing that stinking pile of refuse that I have to fight for every word on in my WIP. I love TcT. Good story, great characters. I want to use them to beat these other characters into submission.

My promos for THL and SPW have gone sharply downhill because of work and the cat fight that is this WIP. Not good, not good.

I thought taking a break from work would be the cleansing breath I needed to get my writing back on focus. Um, turns out that wasn't it. You know what? In the tradition of the generation after mine, I think I'll just point the blame at someone else. (Mine's the one where we're all like, whatever. We don't have to listen to you because you're just our parents. What do you know? You know, the sarcastic, broody ones. In case this post didn't reflect that.)

NaNoWriMo, this is all your fault! Because I didn't participate, I didn't get anything done. Thanks a lot. Not.

So as I gaze into the future of 2013, desperately trying to make sense of the haze, I'm wondering what I can do to pick things up. Here are my options:

1) Do nothing (I excel at this one).
2) Keep plugging along on this WIP (which gets the second most blame for my lag).
3) Stop writing this WIP, move on to something entirely different and come back to it later (let me make that clear: abandon all hope of ever seeing this novel).
4) Modify the end of TcT so that there is no "next novel" (crazy, desperate me likes this one).
5) Leave the end of TcT alone, focus on the next series, and maybe come back to L&L in a year (which is sort of like option #3, only positive).

And now we just enter these numbers into the handy device at and come up with a solution. No, I didn't really do that. Here's what's happening.

I am steadily plugging along on the WIP. Well, I would be if I wasn't typing this post and didn't have a bajillion other things to do. But that's what I'm trying to do. I will dedicate myself to TcT very, very, very soon. I like having a project open while I'm editing so that when my eyeballs are bleeding from editing, I can turn to something else.

I'm sure once November is over, things will just be positively super-wonderful.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Friday Five - I'm Thankful For

Happy Turkey Day, kids!

Today, in honor of the consumption of turkey and too much bread, I'm bringing you the five things I'm most thankful for. Hint: They're all people. Be quiet, number 4 is as much a people to me as anyone is. He laughs, he cries, he . . . sometimes eats poop, but I don't love him any less.

I'm thankful for:

#1) My husband who isn't afraid to wear a stupid hat in public so I can take a photo and put it on this blog. Granted, that's not a hat, it's a goose decoy. We get along because we're both kah-razy. I don't think he reads the blog either, so maybe he's not truly aware that I'm post photos of him with his head up a goose's . . . erm, business.

#2) My mom who is my writing cheerleader and listens to me complain about all of it. Even though she thinks I should cut the sex scenes. Thanks for listening to me and lending a shoulder to cry on. We haven't always seen eye-to-eye, but who does?

#3) My brother. I don't say it often enough, but I love you. I'm glad you're my brother. And I like it when we go out shopping with mom and she buys us ice cream.

#4) Oh, Petey Turdwhiskers, you handsome masked devil, you. You bounded into our lives in 2010 and left little footprints (and lots and lots of dog hair) on our hearts.

#5) All my writing friends. I'm glad to know you all because you understand what a joy and a simultaneous pain in the ass writing can be. Thanks for being there for me and supporting me.

Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends and happy regular (?) day to the rest of you. Sorry you don't get a long weekend. Not that I'm bragging. Okay, I'm bragging. See you guys Monday!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Author Interview - Lindsey Edwards

Morning y'all. Today I have Lindsey Edwards on the blog. I met Lindsey at an ORA writing conference a couple of years ago, so give her a big warm welcome and prepare to learn about her new release Twice Tempted!

What's your book/current WIP about?
Twice Tempted is the story of Suri and Ryan, a couple reunited at a renascence festival. Their attraction is undeniable, and while Ryan is determined to make Suri remember all that was good between them before he left, Suri isn't so sure she can trust that her knight errant won’t break her heart again when his armor comes off.

Care to share your favorite line(s)?
I have several, so this is a very tough question. What I have picked out is technically two lines, but it flows better this way:

“I said I was done with you,” Suri said, but Ryan heard the slight catch in her voice.
“I know what you said,” he replied, his face so close his breath stirred the few stray hairs that hadn’t quite made it into her ponytail. “But I’ve never been the kind of man that listens very well.”

What's your next project?
I have several projects I'm working on right now. I have a fantasy trilogy I'm in the midst of writing, and a paranormal novella that just needs some fine tuning. The project that will most likely follow up Twice Tempted is a medieval short that is currently untitled.

What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating your books?
The most surprising thing I learned about myself is that I write in a slightly different genre than I enjoy reading in my down time. I always thought I would find myself writing straight historical, but I find all my stories have either a fantasy or paranormal twist. Twice Tempted-- an erotic contemporary-- is the exception to this. Suri and Ryan's story all but wrote itself. Four days in the writing cave and their story was born. It was such a blast to write, you just might see more contemporaries in my future. In fact, I'm in the midst of plotting one out right now...

What sparked your interest in writing romance?
It started the day I sneaked my first romance novel as a teen. I had previously been a fan of Nancy Drew, Goosebumps, Sweet Valley and Caroline B. Cooney, but I was curious about the stories on my mom's bookshelf. The women and men on the covers were so beautiful and the descriptions promised thrilling adventures and sensual encounters that left you rooting for the couple in question. Thoroughly intrigued, I swiped a Lisa Kleypas book. It took me only a couple of days to read it, and when I finished, I was enamored. Romance and all her subgenres have been home for me ever since.

Describe your writing in a sentence.
Almost poetic, never dull, verging on a fairytale.

Do you choose character names or do the characters whisper them in your ears?
I keep a running tab of names I like. Whenever I need a name, I pull up my file and match a name with the personality of the character in question. There are times though when a character's name just comes to me. I like those times.

Plotter or panster?
I'm a bit of both actually. I start with a rough sketch of both the characters and story, then I let it all take its course. Typically the characters deviate from the original idea I had in mind for them, but honestly, that's when things get fun.

Do you like background noise or do you prefer a quiet space when you write?
I generally listen to instrumental CD's when I'm writing. While lyrical songs are great for the plotting process, it's too distracting when I'm writing. My all time favorite CD to pop in when writing is Fairies in the Moonlight. It's a little mystic, and very inspiring.

What are you currently reading?
I'm rereading one of my favorite authors, Shana Abe. Her novels never cease inspire me, no matter how many times I revisit them.

What question have you always wanted to be asked in an interview and how would you answer it?
That's a great question. I once asked a fantasy author in an interview what she would choose if she could possess a single super power. To that, I'd say I wish I had the power to dapple in a little magic, perhaps invent a potion for shape-shifting. (See a theme for a next book here anywhere?)

People think I'm weird because... A day isn't complete unless I've had the opportunity to write. I can actually get cranky if I don't sit down and release some of that pent up creativity. Not everyone understands that. It's one of the reasons I love my writer friends. They get me. :)

Title: Twice Tempted
Author: Lindsey Edwards
Publisher: Secret Cravings Publishing
Genre: Erotic contemporary
Available at:  Secret Cravings Publishing


In the six years since the man she intended to spend her life alongside left town with her heart, Suri Dalton has managed to make a fulfilling life for herself. That is, until her future collides with her past in the form of Ryan Calverton, the one man she’s unable to resist.

Although Suri has no intention of falling for his charms a second time, Ryan is determined to make her remember all that was good between them before he left, making the biggest mistake of his life. Now he’s back and intends to stake his claim, and while seduction isn’t part of his plan, it’s not far from either of their minds.

As a white knight at the renaissance fair, Ryan makes a believable man of honor on the field, yet can Suri trust that her knight errant won’t break her heart again when that armor comes off.


Putting the pick-up into reverse, Ryan pulled out of his space and into traffic. As if by habit, his hand slid over the console to link hands. Absently, his thumb stroked the back of her hand, enjoying the familiarity of her skin.

“It shouldn’t feel as if nothing has changed,” Suri quietly said.

From the corner of his eye, Ryan saw as she turned to press her forehead against the window, suddenly quiet. Then her hands slackened in his before she pulled away entirely.

With a screech of the tires, Ryan jerked the old pick-up over to the shoulder of the road where they sat in silence for several passing moments.

“I’m sorry I lied,” he said with quiet emphasis, gaze mindlessly focused on the speed limit sign up ahead. “I’m sorry I left.” Releasing his white-knuckled grip on the steering wheel, he turned to face her. “God, I’m sorry I ever even thought of leaving. But this isn’t just on me, Suri. You let me go. I gave you a choice. We broke up, but I came to you before I left, and still you let me go.”

She refused to look at him. Instead, she toyed with the strap of her purse, studiously avoiding him. Avoiding the fact that they both played a nearly equal role in destroying the only good thing either ever had.

“I know. And I hate myself as much as I do you for what happened.”

“You hate me?”

Laughing softly, she wiped an errant tear from the corner of her eye before giving him her full attention. “That was all you got out of that?”

“I’d say it was selective hearing, but that certainly wasn’t something I wanted to hear.”

“What did you want to hear, Ryan? What could you expect after all this time?”

“That you still loved me,” he admitted, his voice a soft growl of a sound.

It was a damned hard thing to put out there. It exposed him in a way he wasn’t used to, holding on to a bleak sliver of hope. He was aware that this could be her way to get even. If she could persuade him to bare his soul, she could walk away from him as surely as he’d done to her.

Visit Lindsey's blog:

Follow her on Twitter: @ThoughtfulPen

Or Facebook:

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

We now return to a semi-normal schedule

I'm back from exile. Or my mini-vacay. Or those four days where I managed one day of writing, a whole lot of eating, zero Christmas shopping, a lot of movie watching, and pretty much no actual important stuff.

I wanna do it again.

I was brilliant enough to schedule my mini-vacay right before Thanksgiving. Which means: I have T-Day, Black Friday, and the weekend to be lazy all over again. Smart, no?

Which means I'd better freakin' get on writing you a T-Day post that's doubling as your Friday Five post.

Okay, see you tomorrow for an author interview and Thursday for 5 Things I'm Thankful For. Even with lazy vacay, I have got this week planned out. Am I good, or am I good?

Monday, November 19, 2012

November 19, 2012

NOTE: If you're looking for cheerful and upbeat, you might want to skip today's post. This one is drenched in tears. Go hug your loved ones and be grateful you have them. 

The ones that love us never really leave us. - Sirius Black

Today is your 59th birthday. It seems impossible that we're separated by far more than years. There are days when I'm sure you're going to call me downstairs to watch a movie starring nasty aliens. Days when I expect to find you outside grilling, or digging in the garden. When I think I'll find you pouring coffee in the kitchen or petting the dogs. It can't be 9 years since I last heard your voice.

I'm swamped with memories that I'm sure just happened days ago. I was six years old, sitting on your lap and giggling as you rubbed your stubble-covered jaw against my cheek.

I'll never forget the time you'd done laundry and didn't want to fold socks so you told me we were going to play a game of who could fold fastest. Surprise, I won.

The way you cried when our little dog died and you said you weren't crying because she was gone, but because we were so sad—we all know you loved her too. We caught you playing with her too many times not to believe it.

Then I was thirteen and we were in the doctor's office getting a cast put on my arm, laughing and going on while the doctor looked at us like we were crazy.

In no time at all I was fourteen, crying like a baby while you counted bills to buy my first horse.

Those times you let me drive on my learner's permit and I know you were scared silly.

The day I was watching a movie where a couple was having sex. You walked through the living room, looked at the screen and said, “Huh, they're doing the nasty.” And just kept going.

At seventeen, my high school graduation when you told me not to cry on your suit coat, but you hugged me close even though I had tears in my eyes.

The day we were alone in the truck and you said you believed I could do about anything I put my mind to.

The worst fight we ever had when I said I wasn't going to college and we didn't talk for days.

The day you dropped me off at college and said you wished you could stay. I'd have traded places with you in a second. Watching you and Mom drive away was the toughest thing I'd faced until then.

I wish I'd stayed home during Spring Break that March. Wish I'd let you take me out for my 21st birthday instead of going with friends I don't even speak to anymore. Wish I'd paid more attention the last time you said 'I love you', because I was so angry over something stupid and trivial, I can't even remember hearing it.

Sometimes I see someone who looks like you and get caught staring. If he was slimmer, if he had a different nose, if he wasn't wearing shorts. If he'd just stop smiling, stop talking to those strangers, I'd run up to him and throw my arms around him and everything would be all right again. Denial has always been one of my favorite defense mechanisms.

There are a thousand moments I'd go back to if I could. A thousand things I'd say and questions I'd ask, because I always thought I'd have time. And now it's nine years since the worst day I can ever remember. I get through that majority of the days without tears, without the shock of realizing that you're not coming back. I wake up and realize a dream that you're in was just a dream. It's the days leading up to the 15th and 19th that are always the worst. Each day has it's own memory and all of them are bittersweet. Knowing you aren't here leaves me feeling like I've been kicked in the chest.

I don't want to think about all the tears I spent crying for something I can't have. Instead I'll think about the birthdays I remember, the good times we had—which are plentiful. I'll get through today just like the rest because it's enough that you loved me and that can't be taken away no matter how far apart we are.

I'll say Happy Birthday because while the real happiness is missing from it, I'm glad I got the privilege of being your daughter.

I love you, Daddy.

Robert Cox

Friday, November 16, 2012

When Approached By Zazzle, You Don't Just Walk Away

Hey guys, today we're trying something different. I was approached by these guys in a van about selling some merchandise that "fell off a truck" . . . Okay, no what really happened was I got an e-mail from Zazzle, where I sometimes look at stuff, particularly funny items, and they asked if I would mention a couple of things in a blog post.

This is what you get when I run out of ideas. Does it make me a sell-out? No! Because I'm providing you a service. You might like what they're selling. Personally, I don't understand the mustache thing, but I think it's funny. Which probably makes me an idiot since I don't understand it, but I do get Sasquatch, so there you go. As for the other shirt, it's my favorite when someone says that. Okay, no one has ever said that to me, but I can dream.

And on this model is the spectacularly fantastic Sasquatch t-shirt perfect for hiking in the woods, driving to Taco Bell for fourth meal, and honing your Xbox skills.

Our model Jessica is wearing the shirt everyone is wearing this season. We know because everyone is wearing it.

It's old-timey, so it's hilarious, right?

And it wasn't all: "Tell people to buy our stuff because your blog is lame." It was do this and we'll give you something in exchange. Like a bribe, kind of. You know me, I can be bought off just like everyone else. It's sort of like mutually beneficial advertising. I mean, I get money if you buy one of those books of my Amazon ferris wheel. Also, I'm not sure why I'm trying to justify this. So look at the merchandise I've selected . . . or else, Zazzle will come to my house and break my legs. No, they would never do that.

In retrospect, I probably should have title this something like "Fun Christmas Gifts from Zazzle". Maybe next time. If the Zazzle representatives aren't totally freaked out by my lack of salesmanship skills. I can just see the next e-mail.

"Dear Blogger,
Please remove that post from your blog and any mention of our corporation, or we will be forced to send someone to your house to break your kneecaps."

Nah. People don't still really do that. Do they?

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Author Interview - Jodie Pierce

Morning kids. I have for you another fabulous Wednesday author interview. Meet Jodie Pierce, whose release Demise of the Vampire is ready to jump into your e-readers.

What's your book/current WIP about?
It is the final installment of my Vampire Queen trilogy called Demise of the Vampire Queen. It’s about the potential dethroning of the Vampire Queen.

Care to share your favorite line(s)?
Upon being taken into the Queen’s Kingdom, each student would be “marked” with a bite mark tattoo on the inside of the right bicep. It was as if the Queen herself, personally bit and put her mark on each and every one of them. It was a mark that could never be removed and could never be hidden from others. Even as an adult, the mark would still be present and label you as an outsider in any community you entered.

What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating your books? 
I always knew there was a ‘cult following’ for the vampire thing but I never knew to what extent. I’m pleasantly surprised at how many people crave these books.

Describe your writing in a sentence.
My writing is heartfelt, passionate and strives to be different.

What's your next project?
I have an old paranormal, erotic, horror short story from a few years ago that I want to dust off and redo some of so it’s longer.

Do you choose character names or do the characters whisper them in your ears?
I chose character names from baby books. I pick a letter and then look through all the names with that letter and find one or two with a meaning that describes my character and then pick the one I like better out of those.

Plotter or panster? 

Do you like background noise or do you prefer a quiet space when you write? 
I write in both. If I’m casually writing, music or the tv is good but if I’m struggling and need to concentrate, I need silence.

What are you currently reading?
The Gold Seeker’s Daughter by Deborah Palumbo…one of my favorite authors.

What question have you always wanted to be asked in an interview and how would you answer it? “Are the places and their items in your books real?” Yes, I research a lot for my stories.

People think I'm weird because... 
I’m always thinking and talking to myself. I carry around a pad of paper and pen everywhere I go to write down my thoughts for later as they come and go so quickly sometimes.


The Queen is once again ruling her subjects only this time it is a school for the ‘different’ children in Scotland. A school full of vampires, witches, warlocks, elves and fairies, one that is feared and hated by all who attend. A new group of witches and warlocks show up to her gates and cause all kinds of havoc within the school. Vampires and witches are at odds and only a few can see the survival of the school. An ancient lover and the Queen are reunited but at what costs? A new, as well as an old lover unite to attempt to take the Queen off her throne. Will it work? Will the Queen maintain her horrendous rule over the students? Can the spells woven work and change history? All will be told in the end. Coming in November 1st, 2012!







Twitter: @vampiregds



Tuesday, November 13, 2012

SPW Word Search

Feeling lazy today, so guess what?! It's word search day! This one is for The Sky Pirate's Wife. Actually, it would have take me less time to write another rambling blog post than to construct a word search, but what the heck. This is way more fun. I have the key if you get lost and confused.

Here's the link for The Treasure Hunter's Lady word search in case you missed it. I may or may not have the key for this, I make no promises. You're kind of on your own for that one. Sorry.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Where I Just Do Some More Rambling: Weighing The Pros & Cons of Hibernation

I've been about useless this week, haven't I? Lots of stuff going on in the real world, not so much stuff going on in the one inside my head. Well, nothing writerly anyway. And I darn sure didn't get you a Friday Five. Eh, it's one of those days.

I've begun work on the book trailer for The Turncoat's Temptress, even if I haven't added the scenes to the MS that I told myself I would. I may have picked a date for its release, but I'm still thinking abut it, so I won't announce that just yet.

I added a couple thousand more words to the WIP and caught up on watching the CW's Arrow. Yes, thank you, I will enjoy staring at a tortured alpha hero. Give me more. You know, instead of working on my own.

Was skipping NaNo a mistake this year? Am I behind because I'm not pounding out the required 1667 per day? Meh. The whole point is, I know I can get out a full-fledged novel in two months if I want to. It's good to make myself sit down and focus on writing enough words every day that I can do that, but it's also nice to let my brain simmer in the perfect mess that is November.

Previously I have stated that I believe I might be part bear. Hibernation seems like a wonderful idea. Think about it: you miss the holidays, you lose weight because you can't be bothered to wake up and eat, you're well-rested for the spring. It's brilliant if you ask me.

On the other hand, your inbox would pile up, your marketing would falter and sales would probably vanish, and aside from all that, most of us have people who depend on us couldn't function if we didn't make their lives simpler. Probably my dog would eat my face if I went to sleep and didn't feed him for three months. I'm kind of attached to my face. I'm going to stop talking about violent animal face eating now.

I have a long weekend coming up, because Monday is Veteran's Day, so don't expect anything from me then. Also, I have days off on the 16th and the 19th, so I will also probably be scarce next week. Give me a break, I hate this month. I do what I must to make it tolerable and I never take real vacations.

'Til next Wednesday, y'all. Do better than me, go write or edit.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

That Thing Where I Whine Because I Do That

I forgot to get you a post again today. It's okay if you want to throw things at me. Or maybe you're worn out from all the politicking and you didn't notice that I forgot. Never fear. I'm here now.

There's no big news on the writing front. I was unable to recover the MS I lost, but as it's my own stupid fault, there's no one to blame but me. Pick up the pieces and tie them together best as I remember, except better because I was seriously ashamed of the writing in that MS. I'm not joking, it was just bad. Bad as in, that really didn't deserve to see the light of day. Whether it was a total accident or my subconscious did it on purpose, the world is a better place for it.

It doesn't matter because even when I had that MS sitting in front of me, cursor blinking, waiting for a few more words . . . any words . . . I was already thinking, what if I changed this? So now I'm working harder on those changes and I'm glad for the ability to do it

The biggest issue here is that I wasn't ready to put my keyboard away and focus solely on editing. I had the burning desire to keep writing and I've managed. I could have given up in disgust and said the hell with it, those characters aren't worth working over. Now I have a stronger male protagonist and he definitely has more interesting back story.

I'm thinking about switching things up a little when I finish this go-round. For the next novel, I want to do a chapter or two in the present (the character's present) and then do a chapter or two in her past. I know, I shouldn't even be thinking that far ahead right now. It'll add to the jumbled confusion already in my mind. But I do need some kind of grasp of how to round this all off in the end.

I hate that, saying the end. I chalk that up as the number one reason why this WIP has given me so much crap. It's knowing that the series is drawing to a close and that's tough. It would be like making really good friends in one country, then picking up and leaving forever to go to another country. Sure, authors do it all the time. I'm just really fond of all the characters. So fond that sometimes I just say their names in my head to hear them. Let's do it now!

Abel & Romy
Van Buren & Sophie
Basil & Nora
Ransom & Emer

Okay, that's all I'll give you right now, but wasn't that fun? Well, tell me to suck it up because all good things must end. And it's still going to be a while.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Time Change & Idiocy

It's heeeerrrreeee. That pesky time change. I feel like I'm running late for work this morning because the sun is so bright. Lovely. Not that I minded getting up later, but it also means lunch will come later and by the time I get home, it'll be mostly dark. I'm fairly certain the time change is all about torturing us and making us crazier in the winter so pharmaceutical companies can sell more anti-crazy pills.

You know me, I hate November.

This face includes both I-hate-time-change/November
and oh-crap-I-can't-believe-I'm-this-dumb looks.
In other news, I was diligently (snort) working on my WIP--yeah, yeah I've been editing The Turncoat's Temptress too--the other day and I very stupidly deleted and/or updated changes that ate my MS. I know, you're thinking oh dear God, this is horrible! I know, I'm turning into quite the mind reader. Well, it's kind of horrible, yes, because I was stealing bits and pieces from that--ugh, do I have to say it?--70,000 word MS to rewrite it. Crap, seriously, I have to rewrite those sex scenes instead of copying and pasting?

I'm going to see what I can do about recovering the file, but I really don't know whether I deleted it or accidently copied and pasted parts of this new one into it and saved it. Um, before you go thinking 70k is a big loss, you have to realize this wasn't my best-ever work and on the whole I was extremely dissatisfied with it, thus the rewrite and I'm already 15k in, so it's progressing. Whether it's better, oh God, I hope so.

In other-other news, I got a new flash drive. It only cost $3.00. What a bargain. I'm enjoying more GBs that ever before. I definitely recommend an upgrade. Also, considering I've had that one since 2009, it was time to move on. That's just asking for trouble. Or maybe I'm still stuck in the days where your whole life turned into a mess because of a 3 1/2 inch floppy.

Bah! Hopefully I'll be able to stop obsessing over the first 50 pages I've written on my renewed WIP and move this thing along. I've been nitpicking it to death. Last time shut up and write didn't work out so well for me, but falling into that editing instead of writing trap is like chewing your own leg off--it's not working either.

Sometimes I think I made a mistake pairing up this particular couple. They're both great as stand alones, but together, I'm iffy. Maybe it stems from her trust issues. Maybe we both had trust issues, because I'm not sure I trust her now. Well, character personality is a whole other blog. Okay, Monday, and characters, let's all play nice.

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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Book Feature - Jessica

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Wilbur was used to going to his college formals alone. He thought the Halloween Ball would be no different. He’s amazed when a beautiful girl in a Victorian costume displays an interest in him and even more amazed to find himself alone with her on one of the campus nature trails.

What Wilbur doesn’t realize is that another woman has her eye on him too. The White Lady returns every Halloween to take revenge on the men of the campus for her brutal murder. She has chosen Wilbur as her next victim.

**The first chapter of Laura DeLuca's new book, Morrigan (Release Date October 31, 2012), is also included with this short story**

Wilbur thought he was going to collapse when Jessica wrapped one arm around his waist. He could feel her fingers, soft as silk, touching the nape of his neck with her other hand, and it made his flesh tingle. She even went so far as to lay her head on his shoulder. Her hair brushed against his cheek and the fresh, flowery scent made his vision blur. At first he thought it was just his allergies, but then the whole room and all the people in it seemed to change. The woman all wore full lacy gowns with their hair piled up in fancy up dos, while the men waltzed beside them in tailored suits with long tails and top hats. Even the music had changed from the typical sappy love song to a classical ballad played by a string quartet. He swore he saw the musicians in the corner; their bows sliding effortlessly over the strings of their instruments while their fingers pulsated in perfect vibrato. Even the floor under their feet had changed from the faded gymnasium floor, marked with the lines and circles of the basketball court, to hand laid tile in intricate patterns reminiscent of a Victorian ballroom.
As they circled the dance floor in an oddly quickened pace, the faces of the dancers started to transform even more. The beautiful nineteenth century ballroom aged and decayed, as did the men and women that surrounded him. Grotesque monsters with bloated skin and empty eyes dragged their decaying limbs in slow motion. Wilbur watched them with growing horror, almost forgetting about the girl in his arms. The monsters noticed the stranger among them. They reached for him with fingers green from rot. Catching his breath in fear, Wilbur pulled away from Jessica and very nearly stumbled to the ground.

Author Bio:
Laura “Luna” DeLuca lives at the beautiful Jersey shore with her husband and four children. In addition to writing fiction, Laura is also the sole author of a popular review blog called New Age Mama. She is an active member of her local pagan community, and has been studying Wicca for close to eight years. She is the author of four young adult novels including: Destiny, Destiny Unveiled, Phantom, and Morrigan and has many other works in progress.

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