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There Aren't Any Apocalyses I Should Know About, Right?

I'm reading over last year's final post so I can figure out what to say in this one. Man. I even started off that post with good year, bad year. I could put this one on the same set of scales and watch them wobble.

Let's recap, shall we? (I hope this doesn't constitute complaining, because I'm not trying to. Anyway, this is my blog, so I guess I can write whatever I want because I did learn a lesson in the end.)

I came into 2012 with the expectation that The Treasure Hunter's Lady would see light of day. My big goal for the year was just to e-publish it in February and finish writing The Sky Pirate's Wife. It was . . . a lot more work than I anticipated. I still fall under the belief that things are much easier than they appear even if you're already elbow deep in them. As in, why does everyone else make this look so easy?! But when everyone encourages me to take a step back and draw in a breath, I turn rabid dog and am like, leave me alone, I won't…

The Friday Five - All About New Year's

I know it's only the 28th and New Year's is still four days away. But it's Friday and I have nothing else, so you're getting five facts about New Year's. Monday we'll recap the year, 'kay?

1) Guy Lombardo, not Robert Burns, popularized the song "Auld Lang Syne" by featuring it at New Year's at the Roosevelt Hotel in 1929.

2) You may have heard that it's good luck for a dark-haired man to be the first to enter your home on New Year's Day. This belief is from Hogmanay, Scotland (where Auld Lang Syne was written).

3) In Spain, it's traditional to eat 12 grapes before midnight to usher in 12 good months for the year. All at once, or ...? Before you even ask: No, I don't think wine counts, kids.

4) January was not added to the calender until about 700 B.C. March 1st used to be the beginning of a new year.

5) In Medieval Europe New Year's was often celebrated on December 25th to coincide with the Jesus' birth. January 1st was…

Post-Christmas Crash

It's Boxing Day! I had to work. I feel envious of children and college students on Christmas break. I remember being in college and going to day-after Christmas sales at the mall. *Sits on floor, arms crossed, lips in full pout* I wanna go shopping for bargains!
Alas, the life of the (super-happy to be when so many are not) employed. My butt is also burning a bit because I have to work New Year's Eve. I mean, we might as well not even take New Year's Day. What's the point?
So, are you exhausted from the holidays? Got your tree down yet? Mine's still up. I came home from my mom's yesterday and crashed. It was freezing cold in the bedroom, so I dragged on my long johns, crawled beneath the quilt and napped with my sock cap still on. All that could be seen was orange sock cap. I wasn't the only one feeling the crush. PeeWee slept all the way home, slept in his basket when we got home, and then slept long and hard in my chair during the evening after I roused m…

The Friday Five - Someone's Christmas Spirit Is Lacking

It's not me. It's the dog. I put up the Christmas tree in what my husband swears is the first time in five years. I tried to get PeeWee involved in the merry-making. 
You see, we have the silver tree with purple lights, garnished with some green tinsel stuff and a godawful-ugly star/cross thing on top. I hung my stocking, my husband's, and a green on for PW that you can't see. On a hanger, no less. How inventive was that? I put Festivus Miracle Kitty by the tree and some little dogs that were in the sack with the stockings and the tree skirt.

I told PeeWee to put on his Santa hat and sit politely in front of the tree so I could get a good picture. This is what happened:

He tore the poof ball off the top of his hat in a fit of what I can only compare to a small child who's eaten too much candy. Or maybe it's just because he hates hats. You can tell he's adopted.

That nice Christmas picture I hoped to share with you all? It turned into this:

And this:

You se…

Author Interview & Giveaway - Autumn Piper

What's your book/current WIP about?
When Mandy catches her husband “getting some strange,” she knows their marriage is over. They postpone announcing it until they’ve tried a month of counseling, which gives her time to be sure of her decision—and get wild advice from a great aunt who thinks she should learn from the black widow spider, a big brother who wants to beat up her soon-to-be ex, and the kooky counselor…who recommends a revenge affair. The one person not giving her advice is a new-to-town hunky Adam. He’s confessed to watching her run by his house every day for months, and provides an attractive shoulder to cry on, but is very secretive about his own past. Mandy has to deal with lots of conflicting feelings, in a variety of mostly funny situations, before finding what happily ever after will mean for her.

Care to share your favorite line(s)?
Sure. A couple come to mind:
1. Mandy contemplates what walking has done for her lately: Please. What would he want with me? Don’t g…

Author Interview - Lynda Haviland

I have a very special guest for y'all today! Meet Lynda Haviland, who was a guest speaker at the ORA conference this last summer. Lynda's a fellow self-published author and her second novel in the Age of Awakening series has just been released. She'll also stop by with a one question pop quiz about ancient culture and the first person who gets it right will win a digital copy of Immortal Dynasty: Book One.

What's your book/current WIP about?
I just released Immortal Dominion, the second book in my paranormal fantasy romance series Age of Awakening. In this story, we follow extreme adventuress Jayden Hamilton on her journey to hell and back. Her life hangs in the balance between two gods: ancient dragon-shifting Earth Lords. But Jayden's survival might be far more important than just saving one soul. It could keep the prophecy at bay - for now.

Care to share your favorite line(s)?
Choosing a favorite line is like choosing a favorite movie - I love them all! But I lov…

The Friday Five - What With The World Ending and All

Welcome to the last normal Friday the human race will ever experience. Sit back, enjoy a beverage, put your feet on the expensive coffee table, rack up your credit card bills, and kiss your loved ones good bye. We're done.

If you believe that. Personally, I like to make fun of stuff and irritate people, so I've decided to take this opportunity to list the five things I would miss most if the world ends next Friday. My family is a given, they don't qualify for this list. Let's go.

1) There are movies coming out that I want to see, people. Seriously. My mom tells me I have my priorities wrong, that I should be worrying about electricity and not freezing to death over movie-going, but Hollywood feeds me these movie trailers and I covet the opportunity to pay money to watch characters getting the poo kicked out of them. For example: Thor 2: The Dark World, The Lone Ranger, Star Trek Into Darkness, and yes, The Host.

2) I could say electricity, but that would be boring and…

Author Interview & Giveaway - Greta Buckle

What's your book/current WIP about?
Mything You is my new Book out under Greta Buckle. It’s a retelling of Theseus and Ariadne’s quest to fight the Minotaur to free Athens to rule themselves. I love stories of adventure and I will see every movie set in Ancient times. Romans, Greeks, woot woot. Hot shirtless men fighting. My issue with the stories was always the way the stories are told. I wanted to reshape the Ancient world to something I’d like to read. So boom, this story is about two human beings living in a mythical world.

Care to share your favorite line(s) from your story?
Honestly, I loved the line when Theseus walked into the bedroom much later in the story like, “I can’t wait for you anymore.” Ari hadn’t realized for so long and for me, it wasn’t killing the monsters that made Theseus likeable. It was how he respected and loved Ari. I loved how he told her that.

What's your next project?
I have a contemporary romance due out in February under my real name Victoria Pind…

A Glowing Christmas Tradition

Saturday night we attended the 9th annual Wilson's Creek National Battlefield Luminary Celebration. This is only our second year to go, I think we missed the date last year. If you've never attended a ceremony like this, let me explain what it is.

Volunteers stuff little white paper sacks with sand and electric candles, then drop them every ten feet or so on both sides of the road (I think it's about a five mile loop). One for each dead, missing, or wounded soldier at the battle of Wilson's Creek on August 10, 1861. A guy in Confederate dress played 'Taps' on the bugle, they lit the first candle and opened the gate.

Typically the park closes at sundown each day. Few and far between are the opportunities to see it at night. This photo, while eerie, is what it looks like with the lights from the neighboring town of Republic behind a stand of trees. In 1861, it would have been pitch black with the cloud cover, only the lights from the Ray House glowing inside. I …

Christmas Wishes Blog Hop & The Friday Five

Or close enough, right? I hope you're here to join me for the Christmas Wishes Hop or just to check out The Friday Five, because you're getting both!

As per the tradition on Friday and a holiday/hop, I'm giving you five fun facts about Christmas. If you stick around and leave a comment + your e-mail address, you could win a prize. Ooo, ooo, what is the fabulous prize, you ask? How about a vintage Coro brooch? It's very Christmasy with it's golden color and big round orament/berry (?) decorations. Apparently they made a great deal of jewelry in a floral theme. Fortunately this one came into my hands and I thought, Christmas gift!

The other prizes you can win on this hop include a Nook Glowlight, a Kindle Paperwhite, and a $90 giftcard to Amazon. Both the e-readers will be loaded with books, so don't forget to visit all the sites on the hop to increase your chances of winning!

On with The Friday Five per 50 Interesting Facts about Christmas:

1) Ch…

Book Feature - Over the Mountain and Back by Marie Astor

With his father gone missing and his mother losing her grip on reality, Peter Bailey’s life is no picnic. Peter’s gray existence changes unexpectedly after he takes his new snowboard for a ride in the mountains of Colorado and is stunned to find himself in Transadonia – a hidden world that coexists alongside with the Earth.

Lara Grover never listened to her elders, so warnings like “do not talk to strangers” mean nothing to her. When a boy from an unknown world saves her from an avalanche with the aid of a snow dragon, Lara is not stunned in the least. Instead, she joins Peter on his quest to help him realize the purpose behind his arrival to Transadonia.

Together, Lara and Peter embark on an adventure filled with perils, trickery, betrayals, and unexpected alliances.


Up until recently, the Viglian Smiths used to hire giants to help them with heavy mining. In exchange for labor, giants took payments in the form of the Smiths’ expertly crafted metal objects, for while gi…

Mad Recapery

Saturday was our annual Christmas/Holiday Party at ORA. Lots of deliciousness and Christmas gift exchangery (today I'm putting 'ery' at the end of words to make them more fun) went on. As always it was a good time.

Critique was an excellent part of the day because there was very little to clean up in the chapter I brought from The Turncoat's Temptress. Go me! (Only because I have excellent help at cleaning that one--I'm looking at you, Brenda Dyer.)

After noshing and Dirty Santa gift exchange (which never gets as dirty as you'd think--we're all quite ladylike, in fact) a few of us writers were presented with roses to celebrate our accomplishments this year. I got one for publishing my first book, publishing my second book, and finishing a manuscript.