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Book Feature & Giveaway - Good Enough to Share (Good Enough, Part 1 - Christmas)

Good Enough to Share (Good Enough, Part 1 -
by Zara Stoneley
Erotic Contemporary Romance
Heat Level: Sizzling
Word Count: 48,000

Warning: Contains explicit sexual content, including f/m/f and m/f/m ménage.

One Christmas, four friends - will they still be together by New Year?

Divorce wasn’t part of the plan for Holly, but then again nor was spending the festive period with two sexy men and Santa’s little helper! With a disastrous marriage behind her, and three good friends who are willing to share, moving on could be fun – if only she can accept that sometimes her heart is wiser than her head.

Dane doesn’t do commitment, which suits Holly just fine. But when things heat up between the four friends, he’s forced to face up to his past. Will realizing he’s good enough mean he no longer wants to share…?

Laid back Charlie knows that if his best friend becomes his lover he could end up losing big time. But can he resist? And when the girl he once loved comes back, who will he decide to spend the New Year with?

…And Sophie just wants to have fun. She’s got the answers to everyone's problems, except her own …. is she the one who needs good friends most of all?

Will a caring, sharing, lust and love filled Christmas lead to the happy ever after they all desire?

WARNING - Christmas may never seem the same again!

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“Loved it! This is a hot, steamy read! If you don't like your books full of hot men, women and sex then this isn't the one for you…. I enjoyed it and look forward to the others in this series.”

“Hot, fun read!!! …A great, hot read to warm up the cold winter night!!!!! Wish it was longer, definitely wanted more!!!!”

“Where's #2?? This was my first novel of it's kind to read. I LOVED it and it has me begging for a sequel!”


I turned the corner of the stable block and reached the square that the first lot of stables fronted on to and he was there. All cowboy. He was stood at the side of a horse, his broad strong forearms resting on its back, his dark hair slightly slicked back as though he had just run his fingers through it, but now he had them on his diary, sorting out a next appointment.

He had the perfect bum for jeans, neat and toned but with just enough shape to make you want to see more, and his muscled thighs were hugged by the worn denim so that you just knew when he stripped off he’d be a million miles from stringy wimp. He was laughing as he turned and his gaze met me full on. Stormy eyes that even at that distance seemed to reach that secret bit inside of me, quirky lips that I knew could be oh so clever when he wanted them to be.

Shit, why was it that just when you were sure of what you wanted your body played hooky from your brain? The thud in my stomach spread into a kind of hungry emptiness and I knew I was probably looking at him like he was prime steak.

I cleared my throat, but clearing my mind of its horniness was a more difficult task. “Hey.” He half nodded and watched silently as I walked up to them and I could swear there was a hint of a laugh in his features.

“No green goddess today?” Oh that voice was pure unadulterated sex.

“It was green elf.” I shot the girl, who was holding the horse, an apologetic look. No-one liked it when their private session with Dane was interrupted, their half hour of one to one, their chance to flirt and push for more.

“More goddess from where I was stood.” The lopsided grin spread further across his face, right to the twinkling eyes and the wink that was oh so dirty. He stepped back from the horse, straightening up and pocketing his diary. “Or should I say, sat?” Lay. The one thought that went through my mind was lay not sat.

He knew, and was almost laughing now and I didn’t know whether to thump him or succumb to embarrassment.

“So, six weeks then?” The girl hanging on to the horse was getting narked.

“Yeah, the twentieth, same time.” He flashed his best disarming smile and I watched her kind of melt. Then he glanced back my way and she solidified again and glared. “You okay?” Yes, apart from feeling hot and bothered.

“Sure.” I stubbed at the ice hardened ground with the toe of my boot.

“So we’re on for Christmas Day then?” He’d stepped nearer and I was torn between backing off or jumping him. Decisions, decisions.

“Sophie won’t be there.”

“I know. She said.” Well, I know she said, but without the catalyst I wasn’t sure where I stood. “Is that a problem for you, can’t you handle two men?” I made the mistake of glancing up and he had the dirtiest grin on his face imaginable, his thumbs were hooked into the belt loop of his jeans and every filthy cowboy dream I’d ever had vied for attention. “Think you can cope with us?”

About the author:
Zara has been writing stories for as long as she’s been reading them. She submitted her first novel, a thriller, when she was twelve years old but as she hit her mid teens her tastes shifted from action to romance. She was soon addicted to alpha heroes, and what could be better than writing about them?

Her days are now spent daydreaming, and writing, about good looking, well built men who know what they want and know how to get it, men who know the meaning of sensual and put a girl's needs before their own, men who have a sensitive side (for your eyes only) as well as a rough edge, men who love women for what they are, men who aren't afraid to take on an intelligent, sassy woman.

She’s had an exciting and varied life, which feeds into her stories. She’s got an Honours degree in Computer Science, a teenage son, a cat, a cottage in the English countryside, and her own sexy alpha hero! She loves sexy high heels, good food, good wine, music, coffee (lots and lots of coffee), and sunshine. So, whenever she can, she heads off in search of the sun and inspiration for her stories.

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