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Garble, Garble, Garble

When I realized it was Tuesday, I wanted to just hit random keys and pretend this is a real post, because I doubt anyone could tell the difference anyway. But I didn't.

I would not say no if someone
said want to go back to bed?
I'm exhausted and the week has just started. You may have heard that I'm doing Zumba now. The sides of my calves feel like someone is driving ten penny nails into them with every step. When I got home last night, I had to run up the slope to the deck and run up the stairs just to get into the house because I figured the horrible pain would go away faster if I just ran instead of taking shuffling steps. Pretty sure this fun dance/party was invented by a psychopath. I found it was easier to hunch over walk so I didn't have to straighten my legs the whole way for about an hour after I got home. My husband said, "I've walked like that when I'm down in my back." I replied with, "My back's fine. I can't straighten my legs."

I like Zumba, because I always feel really good after (minus the excruciating leg pain that lasts for days), but I also kind of hate it and I feel sorry for whoever works out behind me because I sort of flop around like a monkey on experimental drugs.

I never sleep well the night before I have to return to work either. Last night was super awesome because not only did my legs hurt, I burned the @!#$ out of my finger, so it hurt, my legs were cramping, and I had a sinus headache. To top it all off, the dog coughed all night long. No idea what his problem is. This is the downside to having a dog with short bronchial tubes. He doesn't look sick, but he did look like he didn't sleep so hot either. I think he's fairing about as well as the rest of us in the sinus drainage area. Mr. Sandman was not our friend last night as he forgot to come by. What an a-hole (you can feel that my lack of sleep has left me in a right jolly mood, can't you?)

Finally getting some serious editing done on The Turncoat's Temptress. And coming up with some pretty good ideas for the fifth book in the series. I'm excited about that one.

Here's hoping for a more restful rest of the week.


  1. Ha! A monkey on experimental drugs. Love that description. I tried zumba once. I looked like that too. I was totally going the wrong direction all the time. I couldn't figure out whether to watch the instructor or the mirror. And fifth in the series? I thought you were stopping at 4? You go girl.

    1. Nope, it worked out so that I need one more to round things off. To put the bad guy (who died in book 3) to rest once and for all. It's going to take a miracle to pull this off. I am up for the challenge.

  2. Replies
    1. Here's hoping for a better night. Maybe if I'm really tired, I'll conk right out.

  3. Exercise hurts so so...good? That's kinda dumb, lol. Pain isn't good at all.
    I have to get back on the exercising bandwagon again.

    1. You know, my legs are pretty sore still, but my sides and neck aren't and the leg soreness actually does feel kind of good. That sounds nuts, but it's like, hey, look at me, I exercised!


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