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My Old Foe: Edits (And Sometimes They Make Me Cry)

It's Monday again. Funny how we keep coming back to that. As a society, we largely hate it. Why don't we do something about it?

I spent a lot of time editing on Saturday, finishing up another reading of The Turncoat's Temptress so I can finally get that sent out to beta readers. Like The Sky Pirate's Wife, there's a scene right before the black moment that gets me every time. I'm all sitting in my chair, feeling bad for the heroine because damn, it's not fair that she has to suffer so. Poor girl has not had it easy and to throw her into the lion's den like that breaks my heart. It wasn't bad enough I had to write a scene where the characters talked about what would happen if one of them died, because then I wrote this line:

She only wanted Abel and Van Buren there for one reason: they'd drag Basil back to the ship if she died. She could trust them with that task. “I want them to come. Please.”

Because if you know anything about Abel and Van Buren, then you know they would drag Basil away, no questions asked. Because the heroine, Nora, fully expects to die and you don't refusing a dying woman's request. At the time I was writing the novel (I think this would've been late July/early August), I had next to no idea what was going to happen. Ahh, pantsing--it's a chaotic mess that I love.

I know how the books ends, but she suffers, I suffer. No amount of cajoling and you're-not-the-one-who-dies-ing from Basil consoles us. One of them is bound to cark it. I'm not telling you which one, only that Basil wasn't quite as upset about ending up a corpse as his lady love was. He's perfectly aware that any time he turns around it might be his last move, but his sole purpose in life was to ensure Nora lived. I think I had an easier time writing this book than the others despite all the sadness before and during the black moments.

When I was editing (or sleeping), we watched National Treasure 2 and The Da Vinci Code. I love conspiracy/treasure hunting movies. It got me thinking about the final book in the L&L series, because the Guardians, like the secret societies in those movies, is an organization hidden from plain sight. This next novel is the one that will put the others to rest. The final chapter of the horrible crap that the bad guy rained down upon the characters, where we learn what exactly the Guardians are and where they came from, what the heck that reoccurring character Hummingbird has to do with it all, and a totally epic love story to boot. I'm really looking forward to starting book five. I think these are going to be great characters.

I won't even bring up how terrified I am of ending the series. Okay, maybe just a little terrified.


  1. You produce such fantastic stories so quickly. I'm in awe.


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