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Recapping The Write-in

So by now everybody knows I'm participating in Jano. Which is like NaNo, in case you skipped the sentence where I explained that before.

On January 1st I was watching my cursor blink and thinking, I cannot do this. I was mad at the characters because they're great, but they just weren't doing what I felt like they needed to do.

I was able to corral them and make them act like functioning characters Friday night. Unfortunately, they didn't play nice and they let me whole a scene that actually comes later in the book instead of writing the scene that should have come next.

So Saturday was spent filling in the blanks. I was almost late to the write-in, mostly because I decided to do something different with my hair. I haven't had a hair cut in two months because I'm debating letting it grow out again, at least to my shoulders. Anyway, I decided to curl it like I used to. The front part, anyhow. It looked decent. But I got to the write-in, irritated because someone from Oklahoma didn't know how to park and my blood sugar was low and I had this on-going demon spawn from hell headache.

I'm the blonde head in the gray jacket on the left. I promise my hair looked
better in the front. And I was wearing make up.
I got all set up and couldn't find a wifi connection, which of course, freaked me out. How was I going to get an accurate word count? Then I couldn't think of a name for the hero's father or his nephews. Um, they all ended up being named after characters from the Dukes of Hazzard. I'm going to fix that, I swear.

I later found the wifi connection, but I didn't amend the names. Instead I worked on a scene that I wasn't sure why I was writing. Around 11:30, I had to get up because despite a glass of orange juice and some strawberries I was woozy from aching butt, headache, and low blood sugar. I sought yogurt and the company of my friend, Lisa Medley.

At lunch, I was thrilled to meet a lady I met through an online critique group. It is so awesome to really meet someone you critiqued with.

After lunch, I found that wifi connection and was able to jazz up my writing by listening to my favorites on YouTube. When I'd written 2,000 words, I got really bored and started cruising the Interwebz. Between checking to be sure the shirt I ordered was finally being delivered (I wanted to wear it Saturday, but noooo, they couldn't deliver until then) and frowning at a logo I ordered off of, I managed to write another 2,000 words for a whopping total of 4,000.

I realized that I need a write-in every day. I was productive on my own on Friday, but I really had a BICHOK day on Saturday. When I got home I did another thousand words. No joke. The headache was so bad last night I barely managed a hundred words and decided to call it good for the week with a grand total of 15,547.

Everyone always says what a great time our write-ins are. We do critiques too for folks who like to get in on that. Let me say that this year's write-in was way more productive for me than last year's when I was freaking out about The Treasure Hunter's Lady.

Someone tie me to the desk because I need to finish this book and I only need about 15,000 more to do it.


  1. That is AMAZING PROGRESS! You are going to beat me to a finish! Keep calm and carry on :)

    1. Not a chance, Ms. Already-In-The-70ks. But I'm soooo glad I'm so close to the finish on this one.

  2. Wow, that is amazing progress. I would be dancing in the streets!!!! I don't know how you do it.

    1. My husband was off playing with his friends a couple of nights and I turned the TV off and made myself do it. It was a lot of action, so it write fairly fast. I'm like you, the more emotional the scene, the harder it is to get out.

  3. You're making awesome progress, Allison!


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