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The Friday Five - It's Weathering

I totally thought I was going to get away with not posting today. You see, there was supposed to be freezing formerly liquid nasty falling from the sky. Normally, I'd be all, boo, freezing formerly liquid nasty is evil! But I was sort of looking forward to another 3-day weekend and sleeping in. And editing, I was planning on editing. Clearly the gods of weather and editing got together and had a few drinks. Hey, they said, let's get Allison's hopes up and then dash them by making the forecast clear so that she has to go to work instead of sleeping and editing. That plan seems to be sticking. I guess I'll carry on as usual then. How about . . . weather folklore?

1) Myth: Pigs gather leaves before a storm.
Truth: Pigs have nesting instincts like most animals. If a pig is gathering leaves, it probably just wants to make its bed a little more comfy. The instinct is more common in sows.

2) Myth: Birds lighting on wires indicates a storm. (One of my husband's favorite sayings)
Truth: Where there's a place to land and a tired flock of birds, there will be birds landing. Usually only migrating birds will stop if the weather is turning bad. The other birds have a place to call home.

3) Seagull, seagull, sit on the sand. It's never good weather when you're on land. Seagulls prefer to fly, or to sleep on the water. If the weather is bad, they'll come in to land and wait it out.

4) In ancient Rome, it was believed that Sirius, the Dog Star, created hot temperatures in late summer because it was the brightest. That's why we call the part of the year the "dog days of summer".

5) While there's no scientific evidence that aches and pains can predict the weather, the barometric pressure changes can make blood vessels shrink, resulting in pain. Take it however you will.

Happy Friday, kids. May your weekends be ever fruitful.