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The Friday Five - Things I've Done Instead of Writing

January is here and I sort of totally told myself I would finish L&L book 4 aka The Siren's Sentinel. This is the 4th of January and while the goal of Jano is to write a 50k novel in 31 days, I told myself I only have 30k to finish up, so I only need to write a thousand words a day. Easy-peasy.

Not so much.

Here are five things I've been doing instead of writing on SS.

1) Editing The Turncoat's Temptress - This is a good thing. Because on January 2nd I declared publicly that it will release as planned on April 16, 2013. So it's not all bad. In fact, that's necessary.

2) Buying stock photos and making new covers. For books I haven't even written yet. I came up with an idea and I was like bam! Love it! And immediately started looking at stock photos. Not smart. I now have a cover for a book that's only a little over half written and one that's not written at all. D'oh.

3) Working on other blog posts. Because it's important, people. I have a reputation to maintain here. The lady who gets her guest blog/book feature posts up on time!

4) Playing with fonts at because I want to get a tattoo that says, "I breathe. I hope." Because I am hopelessly hopeful. I probably won't get a new tattoo, but I found a font I really like, so I kind of just stare at it a lot while thinking, I wish I was getting a new tattoo, but what it if looks terrible in a few years?

There it is. Procrastinator royale. And in truth, I've been doing way more than those five things. Researching tablets, reading, riding around in cars with boys (okay, my husband), ordering a logo, making up names for an imprint, writing my monthly newsletter because I didn't send one out last month, and looking down at the task bar after staring into space and going, oh, crap, I'm supposed to be writing! You know how it is.

Okay, I have less than 30,000 words to go. I'm going to try to direct my attention away from Esty and do this.


  1. Hate to point this out, but that's only 4 reasons. And I want a new tatoo now. Thanks.

    1. Oh dear God, you're right. And I read this post about three times before I published it! lol, good going, me. See, I'm so distracted even by my procrastinating, I can't even finish a blog post.

  2. I've been in heavy procrastination mode too--but a lot longer than you. Time to get off this damn train at the next stop.

    1. I actually had a break through last night (I wrote this post on Wednesday). SPOILER ALERT *** I killed the bad guy who caused the whole mess through the series in TcT. I'm thinking he didn't die a crappy enough death. He really screwed the heroine in this WIP over and she didn't even get to see him die. I'm thinking I need to resurrect his ass so she can have justice.


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