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The Friday Five - When I'm Lazy, You Get Cats

It's Friday at long last! My Jano progress is eeking forward, nowhere near as productive as last week, but it's climbing. Huzzah.

I see you all out there, rubbing your hands together, mouths watering as you wait for today's TFF topic. Know what? I'm feeling really lazy. So I just looked up that frowny cat that's taken over Facebook, saved some photos of the little bugger and that's what you're getting.

Of course, one thing I discovered while searching for frowny cat memes is that most of them aren't funny. I've sifted through them. For you.

Now with more cats.

I saw one that said Garfield was a grumpy cat before it was cool. I was just grumpy. Does that count? I still haven't figured out how this isn't a meme yet.

Oh, by the way. You forgot to click and share my RTKC or Bust! campaign. You can do that by clicking that link there or the really bad Paint icon on the upper right.

Happy Friday, kids!