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When I Procrastinate, You Get Bad Art

Today was supposed to be a day for celebrating. You see, I finally hit 80,000 words on The Siren's Sentinel. That was supposed to be the big finish. Huzzah! Book 4 is over after five months.

Book 4 is not over. I started a war and I haven't even begun the big, bad final battle. Right now all the characters are waiting for an epic speech from their queen, the reluctant heroine. They're waiting for the mother of all storms to hit and the bloodshed to begin.

I got nothin'.

I have no idea how to end this thing. I mean, obviously I have a vague clue because the HEA is guaranteed, right? But I've got to work it all out so it's horrible and tear-jerking and really shows what a turnaround the heroine has made (because in book 3, she's a real piece of work) to deserve her HEA. Must show why she deserves the love and loyalty of the hero, which she's convinced she doesn't really deserve after all the bad stuff she's done.

Sometimes being a pantser is a really, really bad thing.

Before I crossed the threshold of 80k, I was sitting in my chair, procrastinating big time. And I decided to do some artwork. Now, we all know I'm freakin' terrible at drawing. I only took art class in college because there was no way in hell I was going to pass advanced guitar. That's right, I used to play the guitar--badly. Badly because A) I thought it would be fun to play the guitar before I realized you have to have short fingernails and it really does require practice--blargh! and B) I have that wicked bad tendinitis, so holding my wrist at a weird angle to push down on the strings didn't really work out for me. I might have passed advanced guitar to get my art credits, or whatever, but my senior year, I decided taking art would be easier. I was awful. The teacher used to grimace when she looked at my drawings. Clearly my talents lie elsewhere.

In the recent years, I've taken to doing a little drawing in MS Paint. You may remember my monsters from when I was trying to get you to vote for my short story in the Missouri Literary Festival in '11. I also drew some weird looking zoo animals. Like this fox and a beaver.

Well, Saturday night while the rain was freezing outside our house and I ignored my word count, I drew this:

Erm, it's supposed to be Romy and Abel. Yeah, he's not wearing a cowboy hat. That's what's wrong with this picture, right? It took forever to do their eyes. Seriously, that was the hardest part. Not making them look super inhuman by having weirdly shaped eyes. Okay, fine. His are a little weird. And I kind of just gave up on his hair.

Jack-of-all-trades. Master of none. Oy, gotta stop blogging and start planning how this novel is going to end!


  1. Hahaha I love the beaver. :) I'm in the very same boat with my ending, Allison. I'm stuck at the moment. I attempted a draft, but it's completely pointless now that I've changed my mind a dozen times. Blah. You'll get to the end. It'll just come you all the sudden and then Bam! You're done. :)

    1. I draw this fourth book out because I know the last book is coming. I have a pretty good idea where it's going and how it draws everything together. It's kind of sad.

  2. Good thing your publisher won't give you a hard time if this one ends up at 100k, right? If she is giving you a hard time, slap her on the wrist and tell her to keep the faith. You'll find your ending.

    1. Right! I'm ordering myself to finish this up in another 10k. No exceptions!

  3. Notice how everyone carefully skirts the conversation about how bad the third drawing is? :D

  4. LOLOLOLOLO>< The third drawing does make me laugh. LOL, it's Abel's hair that makes me laugh. But I love laughing so you get an "A"


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