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Book Feautre & Giveaway - Boots on the Ground (Canada's Finest #2)

Boots on the Ground (Canada's Finest #2)
by Angela S. Stone
Erotic M/M Romance (Military)
Published by Phaze Books
Release Date: November 20, 2012
Heat Level: Sizzling
Length: 189 pages

Ash Cooper and Jason McCarty know they need to do one thing, and one thing alone: Stay Alive.

An IED attack destroyed their convoy and left them both injured in the high desert of Afghanistan and running from insurgents. They take refuge with a group of Afghan civilians, and their only hope of rescue is two satellite phones that might be damaged beyond repair.

Ash and Jason join forces with a British army nurse to survive the harsh living conditions. As days to turn to weeks, they think of home, the husbands they left behind, and the lives they want to return to.

But with food rations running short, the elders angry at them, and the hope of rescue lost, Ash and Jason start to give up, and in the end turn to each other in their struggle for survival.

Warning: This title is intended for readers over the age of 18 only as it contains adult situations of a sexually explicit nature, which may include multiple partner sex.


“Daddy! Daddy! Aunt Monica is here!” Mandy announced opening the door to David’s bedroom. “Are you awake yet?”

David groaned. He’d worked last night, but his ex-wife, Carole, had to work this morning. Her sister dropped the kids off around ten, allowing David at least a few hours of uninterrupted sleep before he had to be coherent enough to be a parent.

The doorbell rang, and David told her, “Yeah, I’m awake.” He flipped the covers off and grabbed a housecoat. Why in the heck would Monica, his sergeant, be here? She wasn’t even scheduled to work today.

Ryan, his oldest, beat David to the door. “Hi, Aunt Monica!” Ryan chirped at her.

“Monica?” David asked when he saw her. She wore her red serge and was accompanied by Father Callaghan, the local pastor. David immediately had a sinking feeling.

“Ryan, why don’t you go downstairs to the rec room? Take Mandy and Kevin with you,” Monica told David’s oldest.

The boy glanced from his pseudo-aunt to his father and then dashed away calling for his younger siblings.

“Can we come in, David?”

“Yeah sure, sorry. I worked last night,” David said by way of explanation for his attire as he led them into the living room. He sat down in the chair. Monica and Father Callaghan took the sofa. “What’s this about, Monica?”

“Last night Jason was in a convoy travelling to a remote outpost in the northern district of the Balkh province.”

David felt his heart plunge. No, please God, no, not his Jason.

“The convoy hit an IED. Most of the vehicles in the convoy were completely destroyed. Jason wasn’t killed in the blast; however he is missing in action along with another Civilian Police Officer, Ashley Cooper.”

“What does that mean, missing in action? Does that mean he’s dead?” David asked. He blinked back tears.

“It means he is operating outside of a known area. They can’t locate him; therefore he is missing. They have every hope Jason and this other officer took refuge in caves near the attack site. Insurgents were in the area after the explosion, and they would have been forced to take cover from them. The coalition is sending out patrols and search parties today.”

“Why are you telling me this?” David asked rubbing his hands over his face. “Why not wait until you knew?”

“The military needs to make an announcement. Twenty-one other coalition soldiers, including civilian police, Canadian, American, British, and Afghan, were killed in this attack. It wasn’t fair not to tell you what’s happening with Jason. They’re going to be making announcements in time for the evening news. I’ve sent someone to talk to Jason’s brother, Steve, and their mom. Is there anyone else you want me to notify?”

“No, that’s everyone. God, how am I going to explain this to the kids?” David asked. He ran his fingers through his short hair. “Are you sure he’s not dead, Monica?”

“The military thinks he’s just hiding out from insurgents. He should be located and extracted very soon. I would have to agree with them. My gut is telling me he’s coming home to you.”

David nodded. The tears that had been threatening to fall started streaming down his face. Monica went over to hug him, and he prayed that Jason was still alive.

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About The Author
Angela is a twenty-something Registered Nurse and writer living and working in Ottawa, Canada. She is a proud Canadian and an even prouder girl from back east. She thoroughly enjoys writing novels featuring character that live in or are from the Maritimes. She’s recently met Mr. Right and when she’s not occupied with him she can be found hanging out at her local Bridgehead, writing. She spends her free time advocating for minorities and persons with disabilities.

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