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The Friday Five - Sites I Heart

I'm somewhat snotty this morning, kids. My brain feels like it's full of cotton, my eyes are swimmy, and I'm trying to figure out how to sneak off for a nap. I had a great idea for TFF, but I'm so tired, I don't want to invest the time to do it right now. So I'm copping out and leaving you with five links to sites that I love visiting  and are guaranteed to entertain you.

1) - A humor website that makes fun of anything and everything. It also teaches. Some of the great ideas that hit my brain have come from this site. Most of the articles are in list for. The six greatest, the five worst, 4 ways, etc. They also have Photoplasty, a contest that viewers participate in and use Paint or Photoshop to distort photos and make them funnier.

2) - It's where I get my knowledge fix. From this site, I discovered author Ransom Riggs, who wrote Miss Peregrine's School for Peculiar Children (rumored to become a movie someday soon). They have great articles, cup o'links that take you to fascinating articles, and trivia, which I love.

3) - An online auction site for Etsy shops. You can often find great deals on jewelry here. I get a lot of my blog hop prizes here because I can get them usually half-price or better. I'd blow a fortune if I had it at this site.

4) - The Internet Movie Database. You can find all sorts of information about movies and actors here. I love searching for a particular movie, learning the trivia behind them and searching the quotes.

5) - The breakers-down of urban legend and Internet hoaxes. Page after page of myths, legends, hoaxes, and more. They'll tell you if it's true, false, or unknown. I've spent hours searching this site.

Okay, lame, but you got something out of this Friday. Let's all have a nice relaxing weekend now, okay? Oh, and if you weren't aware, my short story, Return, is FREE on Amazon. Have a looksee? It's not just a western, it's a love story too.

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  1. Love Snopes and IMDB. I've never visited the other three. Sounds like I could lose a lot of time exploring those sites!


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