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Character Profile: Nora Frost

Behind the character:
Name: Eleanor "Nora" Frost
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Occupation: Teacher/seer

If someone came to me and asked which Hollywood actor would best portray Nora, hands down I pick Natalie Portman.

Nora's name comes from ancient Greek Basileios (sexy, non?). It means "king", but when he's cast out of the Guardians, he's anything but kingly. It's pronounced Bay-zil, not Baz-il. Although his nickname is Baz.

She scored a 20 on the Mary Sue Litmus test. That's the lowest score an L&L character has ever received. I'm thinking I must have filled that out wrong, or they aren't giving enough points for angst because Nora has some serious anger issues regarding her parents.

A couple of my favorite lines staring Nora:

“Miss Frost, your students have just informed me that you've developed a problem with your projector.”
“There's no longer a problem, Miss Slater,” she answered meekly.
The older woman's eyebrows rose. “Your skirt is on fire, dear.”
Nora looked down at her hem, which fed a merry little flame. She beat the singed cover against it, cursing beneath her breath all the while. She raised her eyes to meet her employer's bemused gaze.