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Guest Post - Anne Glynn

“Free” is supposed to be a highly-effective sales strategy and, if someone was offering cars for free, I’d be driving a 2014 Ford Fusion right this very second. But even as I basked in my new car smell, I’d be wondering, What’s the catch?

Because there’s always a catch, isn’t there? TANSTAAFL -- There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch – is one of Nature’s Laws. Now that you’ve been warned, hey, have I got a deal for you. If you like funky, slightly different, romance stories, I want to give you a copy of my new book.


There are five novellas in the collection but the only real link between the tales is that they’re carrying my pseudonym. There’s a “hot and smutty” version of the book and a “hot but clean-ish” version of the book (if Pink can do it with her songs, I can do it with my publication).

There are stories about mail order brides, and the Zombie Apocalypse, and a Hollywood movie producer, and the Art of Whore. In one set, Nighttime Tales, Dickens’ Christmas Carol goes all sexy and, in Love Unexpected, we use the same story to have a woman’s obsess about her teeth. Seriously.

Clearly, my writing partner and I didn’t consider the marketplace when we sat down to write. Since we forgot to focus on tough-but-tender cowboys or billionaire baby makers, I’m having a difficult time finding anyone to review L. U. or L.U.: Nighttime Tales. Also, let’s be honest, some self-published authors are not skilled at the writing thing. And who wants to volunteer to read those books?

So I approached the kind and generous Allison M., asking if she’d let me use her site for a guest post. I told her that I was looking for reviews for my romance set, that everyone knew her followers were among the best and bravest of readers but also a little foolhardy. Exactly the kind of crowd I needed for something like this.

Here’s the deal: If you’re interested in playing along, leave a note in the comments below, telling me your preferred e-reader edition -- Kindle, Smashwords, Kobo or PubIt! edition. Let me know which version to send and where to send it. If you’d rather not be quite so public, write me at HiAnneGlynn (at) with the same info. I won’t follow-up in any way except to send you a copy of my work.

Your part of the bargain? Once you’ve read the book, share your opinion somewhere in the world. On your blog spot, on Amazon, on Goodreads or LibraryThing, or just with your next door neighbor, the fabulously successful t.v. producer that you know so intimately. You know, the one who’s been wanting to develop a show about Area 69. (Yeah, that story is in there, too.)

If you like my writing, share your thoughts. If you don’t, share those thoughts, too. After all, inquiring minds need to know.



  1. What a novel idea. Pun intended. I'm in! I have a Kindle Fire.

  2. Sounds like a great read. Im in. I have a Kindle fire.

  3. Laura, thank you! Which version would you like?

    Sara, thanks for your comment, too. We'd love another review, though (hint, hint).


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