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So I Got A Non-Summons For Jury Duty

It's not a summons and it's not a survey where they ask questions like, would you be interested in serving? There's no optional 'No' box and certainly no 'Please do not contact me with future offers' or 'Remove me from your mailing list' boxes.

It asked for my occupation. I'm thrilled to announce that I put 'romance author' on the occupation line. It's the first time I've ever done that. My husband gave me a dry look that should have set fire to the paper, but unfortunately did not. I was like, what? It's legitimate. I make money as a romance author. I'm registered with the county as a sole proprietor business.

Which is probably what got me into this mess. So much for keeping my head down and staying under the radar. It's enough to make me want to chuck a rock through a post office window just so I can say I committed a crime and keep me off your stupid list. Granted, that would entail some pretty serious jail time, but think about how much free time I'd have to write!

Speaking of writing, over the weekend I hit 12k on the fifth book in the L&L series. It's a bit slow going right now as I'm trying to figure out parts of the plot. Eternal pantser here has no swift ideas about where it's going. I like being surprised, but I do have some scene ideas. One from a pin I saw on Pinterest, that loveable time-sucking website. But it will come much later. Bits and pieces are falling into place, which is always helpful. At least I'm not dead stalled on it, like I've worried about for the last several months. It's not giving me the same fits that the 4th novel did and dragging along. Yet. I suppose when I get to the middle, that's the part that will really test my mettle.

Assuming I don't get picked for jury duty, which would seriously put a damper on my writing. I have all these horrible visions of gruesome images and details stuck in my mind after hearing about a case where some very stupid boys murdered an old couple in our county. That ought to be coming to trial pretty soon. I'd just as soon watch the TV show 48 Hours as participate as I tend to be extremely introverted and unable to make eye contact with strangers and I have nightmares of being tracked down by crazy murderers after watching The Strangers. But thanks for thinking of me. Not.


  1. Jury duty sucks! Thank God I never got chosen.


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