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The Friday Five - It's About Leprechauns

I'm still disturbed because it's a sheep,
but I'm all for getting lucky.
*wiggles eyebrows*
Really. I'm swinging dangerously close to letting TTF fall by the wayside these days. I ramble too much, I know. It's hard coming up with five things that aren't really random. So, today, you're getting leprechaun facts because Sunday is St. Patrick's Day. Leprechauns don't have anything to do with that, but it's okay, because they tie in with supernatural things. My blog, my rules. Also, there was already a label for them because of the St. Patrick's Day blog hop I did last year.

1) Leprechauns are always male. I think there'd be a market for leprechaun erotica or something. Maybe I'm just weird. Sure, the legends say they're tiny little men, but I'm thinking bulging muscles and shirtless Black Irish alphas with sultry eyes.

2) Leprechauns have one gold coin in their pots for every year of their life. Hey, if old vampires are sexy, why not leprechauns? Money + muscles. Just sayin'.

I drew this one a table in a
restaurant. The waiter probably
thought I had a Jolly Green
Giant fetish.
3) Leprechauns are apparently amphibious as well as land dwellers. They used to live under the sea, but then they came to Ireland and decided to make their homes there. They're related to the Tuatha de Danann, the 5th race of people to settle in Ireland, according to mythology. They had badass kings, y'all. Supposedly they came from divine ancestors. You see where I'm getting this hot leprechaun thing from? Power + money + muscles. I'm not letting this go.

4) In March 2006, a leprechaun was spotted in a neighborhood in Mobile, Alabama. Apparently, it had no intentions of going all crazy like the one in the movies. No one was able to get a photo of it either.

5) Walt Disney was excited by the idea of leprechauns. He went to Ireland to find them. I guess it was sort of a fruitless trip, but he did end up making a movie called Darby O' Gill and the Little People. I must have missed that one. I did see the Bonanza episode where the little people are running around, confusing the hell out of Hoss. Poor Hoss. But I totally see a Disney/Pixar film about a hot, misunderstood leprechaun who is trapped by a nasty man who steals his gold, leaving him powerless. He joins forces with a pretty young woman and they fall in love as they rescue his gold. When it's time for him to decide whether he wants to return to Leprechaun land, he chooses to stay with her. Or maybe she goes with him. Well, there are still some kinks to work out in the plot. You're welcome, Disney.

Have a great weekend, kids. No pinching!


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