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The Turncoat's Temptress Release Day

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There were good things in it. Just so you know. And now you'll never know what kinds of good things, will you? You see, my super-villainy knows no bounds. Mwahahahahaha. I just used 'know' 3 times in 3 sentences. The rules of repetition don't apply here.

I might be a little strung out on high fructose corn syrup right now. Ignore that. I just thought it was kind of important to add some links here so you can find The Turncoat's Temptress easier. Really? Easier than, I don't know, going to Amazon and typing The Turncoat's Temptress? I know how much you guys hate to click. When I see something I'm sure I'm not going to click, sometimes I change my mind and I'm all, okay, I'll bite. And then I click it. It happens more often than you'd imagine.

So if you feel like "biting" the hook I've baited, I'll make it easy for you.

Making it easy wasn't enough? You want proof that it's actually an interesting, amusing distraction from your Internet addiction? I can do that too.

He pushed through the door pistol first. Inside the circle of his protection ward, the goblin held Nora to its chest. Warty gray flesh covered its tall frame and pointy teeth grinned from beneath a bulbous nose hanging over its fat lips. At eight feet tall it dwarfed both him and Nora.
“There you are. We were beginning to worry.” Its cackle sounded like a draft horse walking over gravel. One big, gnarled hand swept across Nora's sable hair. She shuddered at the touch. Basil willed himself to be calm, to keep a rational mind. He wanted to kill the goblin and take her into his arms, reassure her that he wouldn't let anything like this happen again.
The Lighthouser wouldn't keep the goblin from slicing Nora's throat with its ragged fingernails. It needed magic to be undone, not the science of a laser beam. They had old business, he and the goblin. As long as the wards were unbroken or Basil roamed in the daylight, the creature couldn't touch him. It seemed things had progressed into a more difficult stage.
“I was detained by that wretched selkie. Forgive me. You were preparing to devour my lady love, weren't you?”
Nora's eyes widened and he heard her little gasp of breath.
“The selkie is your betrayer.” The goblin smiled, drawing its scaly lips back from green teeth. “Someday I shall talk her out of her real name so that I may coax her from the house as well.”
Suspicion confirmed, Basil made his way down the steps. “She gave you Nora's name, did she?”
“Oh, aye. Wouldn't set foot outside the house, but was eager to relinquish Miss Eleanor Frost to me.” As it spoke her name, it caressed her face. Then it spotted the bread in his arm. “What's that?”
“An offering. A tithe of bread in exchange for the woman.” The gun was useless, so he set it on the top step. His hand free, he removed the bread from the crook of his arm and held it out. The monster licked its lips and took half a step, forcing Nora forward. Her eyes pleaded with Basil to do something more than hold a conversation.
The goblin froze abruptly. A phlegmy growl rose out of its throat. “It's a trick.”
“A business transaction,” Basil corrected. “That's all this is. You have something I want and I have something to trade. No reason for bloodshed.”
Thick drool rolled down its chin. Desire for his offering flickered in its golden eyes. The monster smacked a thick purple tongue against its lips. Shaking its head violently, it lifted Nora's feet from the ground. She let out a sob.
The goblin's arm tightened around Nora's waist. “No! I came for the caibe-sith. You took it and you must have it.”
Basil's heart skipped a beat. “Your fairy spade isn't here. I sent it to the Guardians. Right now they're busy figuring out how it produces its magic.”
“Guardians.” The venom behind the word almost caused Basil drop the bread. “This is our world, Tinwhistle. The Guardians have no right to hunt us, to steal from us. They are no better than us. You are no better.”
Deep down, the goblin's words fanned his own ember of hatred for the Guardians. He snuffed out the thought of what they'd taken from him.

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  1. Congratulations on release day. Going to download my copy!


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