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A Snippet, A Snoppet... Okay, That's Not a Word

So everybody's freaking out about Legends & Lovers coming to an end. (By everybody, I mean mostly me, although there have been concerned questions. Thanks, concerned questioners.)

What's up my sleeve? Well, clearly I'm not out of the writer's pond. I'm still hip-deep in Camp Nano, staying afloat although I'm trying to tread water a little harder now. Today's goal will push me over the 10k mark. The first couple of days I was ahead, but this weekend bogged me down. You know, I had writer's group all day Saturday and yesterday we played a riveting game of mini-golf. Sadly, I lost, but only by 3 par and I finished ahead of par, which was 64 but I got a 52 or something. Easily one of my better games. Usually I get mad and swear a lot and parents cover their children's ears while glowering at me.

So it was kind of late when I got back to writing last night. I'll admit, I barely got anything done Saturday. I made my husband take me to see Warm Bodies again. That goes right into the Favorite Movies category, right next to Tucker and Dale vs. Evil.

However, I did catch up to my NaNo goal. Because I'm lazy and I don't really have anything else to tell you about, here's an unedited excerpt from my project. It's called The Heckmasters - Wystan.

 A few feet from the looming darkness of the building, she heard shuffling.
Rhia froze, eyes rounding as she listened. Whatever was in front of the clinic was large. Big enough to hurt her if it wanted to. She considered running, but the likelihood of getting away wasn't good.
A match flared, casting light over the hulking beast in her way. An involuntary cry parted her lips.
“What the hell are you doing out here?” Wystan Heckmaster's voice was little more than a growl. His eyes reflected the match light, casting a red glow to them. The shadows that hid part of his face made him look beastly. Any of her earlier thoughts about how handsome he'd looked fled in terror.
Rhia backed away, hands in front of her to stave him off. “Don't....”
Wystan moved so fast, she only saw a blur. The light from the match died. Cringing in anticipation of a blow, Rhia clenched her eyes shut. A surprised yelp sounded behind her, followed by more angry growling, and a louder, pained yip. There was a wet thunk followed by a gurgle and she heard ragged breathing. From narrow slits between her eyelids, she saw the dark outline of a hunched animal on the ground. Wystan stood over it wielding the biggest knife she'd ever seen.
“Eban was supposed to warn you to stay inside.” He whirled, standing so close she smelled liquor on his breath. He grabbed her shoulders, cupping them in his big hands. The knife was right next to her head. “You were almost eaten, you damn fool woman.”


  1. Wow--that's was awesome. And you know, you come up with the best names! I love them!

    1. I think it's fun in this series, but the town is dying because it's possessed by weird monsters (what, me write something that crazy?). I wanted the heroine of this book to be Rhia after Rhea Silvia, the mother of Romulus and Remus. While I was typing a conversation between Rhia and her sister, Meggie, I thought, meh, I don't like Meggie. So I changed it to Sylvie without thinking about the Roman legend. When I did think of it again, I really liked it, so it stuck.

  2. Love the way you work in history and mythology. You're so full of ideas, I'm not at all worried about you after Legends & Lovers. And you've written 10k in a little over a week. I don't think you need to apologize for taking a weekend off. :)

    1. I wish I could clone myself to find time to write and do other things. There just aren't enough hours.


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