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Camp NaNo Updates

This is the final full week of Camp NaNoWriMo. It's coming down to the wire. It seems impossible that I'm only at 28,500 words and my goal is 40k. If I maintain a schedule of 1333 words per day, I should be finished with this book by the middle of next month.

My historical romance, not coming along as smoothly, but I pushed over the 12k mark yesterday. I have my fingers crossed that it will be easier now that the beginning is done and the character's big issues are clear. I just have to make the hero a man the heroine will come to love. He's easy, he's been in love with her for a long time.

I've been lucky this month. Most of the words for The Heckmasters have flowed pretty easily. Sometimes I sit there before opening the doc up and go, ugh, I don't want to! But then I force myself and before I know it, the required words are done for the day. I haven't been good about going over my count. I haven't been keeping any sort of required daily word count on the HR. I figure if I get a scene done, or even a few lines, I'm doing good there.

I also worry that I'm going to burn myself out. That perhaps I'm missing out on the real world. With my face stuck in a computer screen for hours, maybe I'm missing something really good. Sure, I'm on the deck enjoying the sunshine and cussing that cow across the road that won't shut up, or the world news is on in the background, but my husband and dog might like some attention. And my body definitely would like some exercise (that strained muscle in my abdomen is healing nicely, thank you). My head is firmly rooted in fictional towns and problems my characters are having.

But the good news is, half-finished (or nearly so) is a good feeling. Much better than the I-just-started feeling. It's just a downhill slide for The Heckmasters and I'm in no race for the HR, so I'm sure I can pay a little more attention to my surroundings once April is over. Right? Right.


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