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About That Snow

I was not even kidding you guys. It was ridiculous. It started sleeting about 12 AM Friday and when I tried to go to work around 7:30, the roads were so slick, I had to turn around and go home. I almost died. Okay, I probably didn't, but I did slide the car off the road. I went back to bed after watching the news and when I got up. This had happened.

I made a snowball and promptly threw
it at the dog. Because I don't have kids,
that's why. If I did, they'd take the dog out.
Also, the dog can't retaliate.
Yeah, that's snow. On the 3rd of May. Which is just wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong. May 3rd, you're supposed to be wearing flip flops and shorts and whining about how hot it is. Or maybe enjoying the very rare nice weather. Not dressing in coats and wearing socks for crying out loud. I'm pretty sure I had my gloves on at one point. I was wearing a hoodie and a coat that day. It was lovely. Not.

And this is what I looked like at Lambert's Cafe the next day. Yeah. Wearing a coat. On the 4th of May. My husband refused. He said, "It's May, I'm not wearing a %$#& coat." I did that last year. And it actually worked then. This year, Mother Nature is definitely messing with us.

On the writing front, I'm now 43% finished with my historical romance. I worked hard over the weekend to get more done on that. I also managed another thousand words on The Heckmasters, which has been slightly abandoned since I'm working hard on that HR. It's okay, I'm making progress and any progress is good, right? Sure it is. I promise there will be a new book for you to read, eventually, someday.


  1. The weather this year is mental. Hmm...

    1. Undoubtedly! Seems like we're not having much of a spring. It'll go from cold straight to boiling hot summer, I'm afraid.


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