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SIFWIW - The Friday Edition

I'm the worst blogger ever. Giving you all hope that things will stay consistent and then just ripping that carpet out from under you like some kind of carpet ripper upper. I'd say I'm sorry, but . . . we all know I'm not. Here are photographicals of the walk my husband and I took last weekend at the Springfield Nature Center in Springfield, Mo.

A bear statue. I can do without real bears.
Have you seen my nuts?
Whatchoo wanna be all chasin' me up trees for?
Struttin' for the ladies.
My milkshake brings all the hens to the yard.

Yes, that's a snake. Yes, I did the eww-it's-a-snake dance after
I took this shot. Snakes. In nature. The nerve!

Bonus shot: Real live young gators at Bass Pro Shops.
They're maybe four-five feet long. You don't want to fall
in that exhibit at any rate.
That's what I've got today, kids. Have a great weekend. Go, be, do.


  1. LOVE your pics. I like snakes, lol. Yes, I'm weird.

    1. I saw and I went, "Ah! A snake!" And my husband said, "Where?" It was tiny, maybe six inches long. It was napping, never even twitched when I leaned closer to take the picture.


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