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Once Again, It's Time For...

You guessed it. Stuff That Baffles Me.

Today, I have for your viewing pleasure, an actual honest-to-God foot stool.

This has been Stuff That Baffles Me.

The hummingbirds are at it again. I think there are some new ones in the neighborhood, a really pretty little female with grayish-green feathers and some cool white markings all over her body. She and another male who looks smaller than the males I've been seeing were trying to drink out of my petunias. Sorry, chickees, there's nothing in those 'tunias for you. The other HBs seemed angry about the invaders and there was a lot of fighting yesterday.

I got chapter two of my WIP finished. It went a little smoother than it did the last time I opened that document, maybe a week or two ago. I tend to open it, look at it, shake my head and go on to other things. Well, I finally wrestled it into submission. I'm also reading through The Heckmasters , clearing up somethings and, drum roll! I'm preparing The Siren's Sentinel for release this fall. Y'all thought you were getting The Heckmasters first, didn't you? Well, there's still one book to go in the Legends & Lover series before you get some yummy Heckmasters, even though I've worked out the kinks on the Heckmaster covers. It's called preparedness, it's not my usual thing, but hey, it's working.

Or, you could say, I have no real plans I'm and just bouncing along doing whatever my twisted little mind comes up with. The Siren's Sentinel, you say? Ah, yes, let's do something with that, because I'm not sure The Heckmasters ended up quite where I want to be just yet. There must, must be another release this year.

Also, today, I'm excited about the birth of the royal baby. Fun fact: I can trace my dad's lineage back to England in 1066. The brother we're descended from had a half-brother who was the royal physician way back then. But I really love the British because they're not afraid to wear badass hats to all kinds of events. I expect to see a 'we're taking baby home' hat that is totally awesome. I would move to England just for the hats. No kidding.

Go be productive, kids. Write a book or have a royal baby. Something.


  1. LOLOL, love the foot stool.

    I'm so happy your are working on TSS. I love the L @ L series, and I'll be sad when it comes to an ed.


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