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It's Monday, So It Must Be Time For...

Yep, you know it. Here's

I hate seafood, which is weird, because I love the sea. But I can't stand anything that's swimming around in it's know. It all tastes like water gone bad. So here's something that baffles me:

Why can't they take the eyes out? Ugh, those icky stuffed crabs are STARING while you eat them. I mean, I don't eat them, but when we go to Cap'n D's, my husband always orders the same thing and it always comes with stuffed crabs with eyes. Soooooo gross.

This has been Stuff That Baffles me.

I was a bad Muffet Baby (I'm struggling to think of a good metaphor for something that was bad. Please feel free to help me out.) on Saturday and stayed home from the ORA meeting. I went to bed pretty late, but with full intentions of at least making the meeting, but probably not critique. When my alarm went off, my husband had just come to bed, even though he got home around 6:30 am. He said, "Stay home with me." And then proceeded to fall asleep until about 2 pm. In which I am not b!tching, because a) it allowed me to get some writing done and b) I got in an nap. One I was a little sorry I took because I went to sleep in the devil recliner from Hell-o and it did a number on my neck. But the important thing is, in about three hours, I did a lot of writing. Let's take a look, shall we?

Well, okay, you'll have to click that image, but it says that I reached 200,000 words for the year! All thanks to Jano in January and Camp NaNo in April and the flogging, er, driving determination to write another historical in May. I. Paid. For. Every. One. Of. Those. Words on Saturday evening too. The tendinitis struck bad (even though I only wrote about 3k on Saturday) in my wrist and elbow. It was better by Sunday, but not great. Also, it probably didn't help that it stormed like a mofo really early in the morning and I got up because the screen door wasn't secure. When I went to close it, the wind ripped it out of my hand and jammed my finger. Thanks, wind. Not to mention I slipped on the porch and almost busted my rear again. We've really got to do something about that.

Saturday, when it was 10 million degrees outside after the rain and my husband finally woke from his undead sleep/temporary coma, he decided he needed new tires. Well, actually, he's needed new tires for a long time, but it had to be that day. One reason is because one of them went flat. While we're driving down the road on the way to get new tires, naturally.

We sat there for an hour and a half. This is what happened:
Why did he put that in the windshield you ask. Well, let me tell you. Some people were really nice and asked if we needed help. But some people were just dumb. The first indication of that dumbness is this:
Lady pulls up next to us: Have you been here long?
Husband: About an hour.
Lady: Have you seen a man on a bicycle?
Husband: No.
Lady *looking pissy* Thanks. *drives away*
Me: We're great, thanks for asking.

About 15 minutes later...
A van pulls up beside us. Lady: We're trying to get to Reeds Spring, can you help us?
They've totally come from the wrong direction. Doug gives them directions. They leave.
Doug: Yeah, we're doing great sitting here on the side of the road. 'Ppreciate it.

Thusly, the sign. BTW, we did eventually see the guy on the bicycle, but the lady was long gone by then.

What a lovely weekend. But we survived and all is well. 


  1. That's an amazing word count! Not the best way to spend the weekend, though. Guess you should have come to ORA. ;)

    1. I felt bad because I hadn't seen my husband since Tuesday evening. When he works nights, it's good for my word count, but sad because I'm lonely.

      We had a way better day on Sunday.

  2. Missed you at ORA, but congrats on the word count. And don't you just love people. So considerate and helpful.

  3. Your yearly word count is AWESOME! Wow!

    LOLOLOL, sorry, I'm not laughing that you guys got a flat and were stuck on the side of the road, but I'm laughing because some people really are stupid! How could none of these people not ask if you guys needed help?


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