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Stuff That Baffles Me + Weekend Updates

Designing is hard. Finding the right images that will draw the eye. If it's Disney, slap a princess on it. Little girls eat that sh!t up. Here we go. Ariel and Snow White. Those little girls are gonna love this puzzle. Let's pick a font! It's gotta be girly to go with the princesses. Something scripty. Tah-dah! A Disney Princess Foil Puzzle. 

I know they're talking about taking cursive out of school. Who needs that when everyone types? I barely write anything by hand myself. I mean, why?

So then you end up with this.

That says Fail Puzzle. When O's are connected to another letter (this was beaten--sometimes literally--into our heads, younger generations) the little connecty part goes at the top of the O. If it's an A, it goes at the bottom. That's how people reading your sh!tty excuse for handwriting know which letter it is.

Enjoy your Fail Puzzle. Oh, wait. Aren't puzzles kind of going the same way as cursive? Who wants to play a puzzle when you can play Candy Crush on your iPad?

It came, it came! The first-ever paperback copy of The Turncoat's Temptress in print. It's very lovely. I just sat and stared at it a while, then I opened it and read the part where I blow Basil up. I love that part.

When I wasn't staring at, I was dealing with Anna again. The robot I love to hate. I've finally accepted the fact that she will never be able to pronounce Bridgit (Bri-jet), convict (conveect), jackaroo (jack'roo), Da (d-a), 'er (e-r), or many, many other words. She excels at swearing though and I've made her say all kinds of revolting things that are hilarious after you've been sitting listening to her drone on and on for hours. She gets particularly excited when she runs into a section of asterisks. She's all asterisk! Asterisk! Asterisk! Asterisk! Like it's her greatest pleasure in life to announce them. Annoying as she is, she's saved me a ton of time and picked up on stuff I'm blind to.

Because hearing it works way better than reading it and skipping over missing words again and again. So high five for the robot. I will never edit without the cheeky little so-and-so again.

Saturday night we went to the Shepherd of the Hills Super Summer Cruise. It's a parade of cars that runs from one end of the Shepherd of the Hills Expressway to the other. There were a lot of them this year. I don't know how many they ended up having at the show or in the cruise, but it seemed to go on for a while. When I was in college they called it the Midnight Run because it started at midnight. This year it started at 12:30. I think that's why they changed it to Super Summer Cruise. We were whamped by the time we got home at 2:30 in the morning--y'know, after the obligatory stop at Wal-mart. I'm really disappointed that the people in the Terlingua didn't stop, get out, hand me the keys, and say, "here you are, Princess. Take our car."

Yesterday we went for a drive to place unknown. I have photos, just not with me. I'll tell you all about it soon. Look forward to those.

And I've gotten zilch done on writing, but I think I've done something to my arm, or my tennis elbow is flared up again because Saturday and Sunday, it was misery to lift it over my head and everything from my elbow to my fingers goes weak and sort of numbish and my tricep is all achy. It's better today, except my elbow feels like someone's pounding it with a hammer. My thoughts: Write 'til it falls off.

It's Monday. Go back to bed, kids.


  1. LOLOL, good catch on the failed puzzle.
    Hey, how did you find this robot of yours. I need one!!!

    1. If you go to the start menu and type 'narrator' into the search box, it should come up with the program. Mine is a giant PIA to start up, because she always wants to read crap I don't need her to read to begin. But I open Narrator, copy and paste the text I need into Notepad and if all goes right, she reads it. Sometimes she's stubborn and it takes her a few tries.


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