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The Friday Five - Words I Pronounce Wrong

I don't think about them, or maybe I just don't know any better. Or maybe movies (darnit, Michael Cain) influence the way I talk. Or maybe because I was a loner as a child (as a child? I'm so introverted, it's awkward), no one really noticed I was pronouncing things wrong. Oh, wait. Yes they did, because people used to make fun of me all the time. I only noticed the first one last night because I was listening to Anna the Microsoft narrator read The Convict and the Cattleman.

1) Comfortable (ˈkəm(p)(f)-tə(r)-bəl,) - Or, if you're me, you say comfterbull. I kind of think it's a get-it-out-of-your-mouth word said in such a rush as to move on to other topics. You comfterbull?

2) Florida (flȯr-ə-də) - Or Flor'da. Said by the person who was also brought up to say Missourah instead of Missouree, so that could be the trouble. Darn those extra unneeded vowels.

3) Egg (eg) - Aig. I want a three aig omelette. Now!

4) Thoroughbred (thor·ough·bred) - Thorul-bred. I don't know why, okay? Because it's easier to make the L sound than repeat all though O's?

5) Metal (me-təl) - I promise to always pronounce this correctly in front of strangers, but it drives my husband crazy when I say mat-ell. My dad said mat-ell and his dad says errell instead of arrow. It's just one of those things.

Bonus: Like (līk) - You can thank Michael Caine for this one. I have watched movies where that man pronounces this very simple word as 'lī' (and sometimes with a soft T), that I now do it. There's another word he says that I can't think of right now that I say all the time just like him. If my husband notices, he hasn't commented on it.

You can make fun of me if you want. Just remember, last Friday I was talking about my Okie drawl, which is really more of a fun blend of Okie and Missourah with some Cockney thrown in for good measure. But unless you give me alcohol or I'm really, really tired, or p!ssed off, I promise to try to pronounce most of these words the proper way., no I don't. I just won't drawl them out, I promise to keep a nice American Standard English tone.

It's Friday. Go, be, do.


  1. I can't think of any words I mispronounce. I'm sure there are some. My ex used to say 'chimley' instead of chimney. And his mother called Walmart 'Walmarks'. He would always correct her and make her mad.

  2. LOL, excellent.
    My mom's old friend used to say warsh instead of wash and wartch instead of watch.

  3. I'm with you on comfterbull. Anything else sounds weird. The (p) sound is optional, but the (f) and the (r)? You need those.

  4. I'm right there with you on:
    1. comfortable
    3. egg
    Also, leg. It rhymes with egg, so it's "layg." Right?

  5. LOL, Allison you crack me up. I moved from Cali to Washington state 10 years ago and everyone said I had a Californian accent. What? NO such thing. But working with the Indian works I wanted to pronounce the C's too softly, so I am told, like I was trying to speak Spanish. I say to that...WHATEVER...West Coast is West Coast. And I don't care where you are from...just try to pronounce Puyallup (the city I live in) for the first time, you are going to get it wrong. LOL

    On the other hand, my kids and husband crack up when I say wolf, because inevitably it comes out "woof" and they like to say "That's the sound it makes, not what its called." And since my first book was about WerewolVVVVes, you can just imagine the hysterics around my house.

    Have a great weekend!

    Brenda- My 90 year old Nana says warsh and supper, makes me smile every time.


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