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Stuff That Baffles Me - Channeling Effie, Are We?

Ah, Halloween season. When I was a wee child, I was terrified of Halloween masks. I'm still not fond of them. However, I love the idea of costumes and dressing up, even though one year when I was going to a certain church, dressed up, prepared to trick-or-treat after the service (yes, I was like 16, shut up, okay? It's free candy, people!) with a friend, the preacher droned on and on about pretending to be something we're not. Technically, I wasn't pretending to be something I wasn't, because I was dressed like a cowgirl and I had a horse and I wore jeans/boots/hat frequently. So that preacher can sit back and...well, anyway.
I don't see anything wrong with letting loose and leaving the real world behind for one night. No matter how I try to convince my husband, I'm pretty sure I'm never going to be a pirate in the ocean or in space. Darn it. Without further ado:

Hats! Oh, you guys know how much I love hats! We found this at Target and I'm not sure if it's supposed to be a foamy version of Effie Trinket from The Hunger Games, or it's just...fabulous, but there it is. It's brilliant. Wonderful. I'm not sure you could get in the car while wearing it, but...I love it.

We went to Hercules Glade this weekend for a cook out. Every time we go "cook out" we wonder why the hell we decided to do that. I didn't say it, but I was thinking, why didn't we just stop for sandwiches? Because having a cook out seems like a good idea. It was a great day, nice and cool, it's just that the grill takes those little 1 gallon propane bottles and the Devil designed the couple pieces of both, so it's a royal pain in the sit-upon to connect. I thought I'd starve to death before we got hamburgers cooked. Eventually, though, we did get to eat. And then I took pictures, because sometimes I do that.

Um...why does that sign say 'Bear Country'? "Because bears
live around here." What?!
For the record, I saw a grand total of zero bears.

"Where is my hamburger, fools?!"

Hercules Tower. Where the buzzards live. No joke.

Seriously. A buzzard flew out of there, y'all. A big one.

A trail. Where there were no bears, thankfully. But there were
lots and lots of pecker gnats. I think I might have inhaled a couple.

A pond. Probably where the pecker gnats make sweet love
and lots of baby pecker gnats. And there are probably
snakes there too. I didn't investigate.
So there it is. Enjoy this Monday, unless you're having bad weather. We're currently getting soaked. I went out and there was already .95 inches of rain in the gauge, which is unreal, because I thought the weather man was full of it when it said "It might rain." If this is what you call "might rain", you need to just stop looking at the radar and go to work as a news anchor instead of a weather man. Just sayin'. It's still pouring. I'm not complaining because it was getting pretty dry around here and I managed not to fall down the stairs while taking the dog out this morning, so it's win-win so far. Except it would've been nice to sleep in because it's so dark out and so comfy in bed.

Go, be, Monday.


  1. Love it when you post pictures. That hat looks like a fire hazard.

  2. The cook out sounds awesome, even with the issues. And gnats are the worst.

    Halloween is always fun. Who doesn't love being a kid for a day?


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