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Tuesday Tell-All

Ooo, pictures, pictures! After wheedling, whining, and moaning that I never get to go anywhere! My husband and I decided it would be a good idea to take a trip over Labor Day weekend. We went to fun-tabulous Eureka Springs, AR, or motorcycle hell, if you will. It was crawling with motorcycles. Loud ones. Who took up lots of space in the motel parking lot and scared my dog. But that was really the worst of it.

Saturday morning, we rose early-ish for us and got on the road. PeeWee was extremely excited, because all week I'd been promising him a long car ride. We rolled the windows down and let the wind stream through his fur. We stopped to fill up at a gas station and I checked my e-mail. And got spec-freakin'-tacular news.

The release date for The Convict and the Cattleman has been moved up from February to January 6th. That's my maternal grandma's birthday. She would have been 81 next year.

"I am so freaked out right now." - PeeWee
Then we were off again, driving through the country, trying to remember how to even get to Eureka, because admittedly, it's been a long time since we went. We found it, no worries. The lady at the Welcome Center was extremely unhelpful as to knowing which motels take dogs. We found one, no worries. And they didn't even charge us for him because they were packed pretty full and didn't have a dog room, so we snuck him into a non-dog room. Tee hee.

Unfortunately, he was terrified of the room and horrified that he had to be crated, because usually he just sleeps on the bed with us. He wouldn't eat his treats, but he did snarf down a can of Alpo. See, we hardly ever give him canned food and I knew he wouldn't react the same way to dry food, so I tricked him into eating, because it'll be a cold day before he turns down canned food.

Then we went driving around. And we're all, "Hey, a scenic overlook! We gotta see it!" And when we arrived, we found it was, in fact, the same scenic overlook we'd visited on our honeymoon. Who knew? We took this terrible portrait of ourselves (my idea), so to commemorate that, I said, "Let's take another horrible picture!" And we did:
"Suitably horrible!" -- Me

Here's the 1886 Crescent Hotel from the overlook. Zoomed in X5, because zoomed out, you couldn't make out a whole lot. A wonderfully creepy old hotel, it served as a hotel, a hospital, a girls' school, and a hotel. And a home to ghosts. There are all sorts of legends about the ghosts haunting this place and it is very spooky inside with it's Victorian decor. Delicious. Please see the following photos for some creepy.
Fountain outside the hotel.
Fountain in front of the hotel.
Hotel exterior. I almost broke my ankle taking this photo,
because I stepped in a hole in the parking lot. Stupid hole.
Stairwell inside the hotel, going up, I think about 4 floors.

And this is the overlook where we took the horrible photo!
Pond, complete with creepy fog.

Obviously, I played with this one a bit, but it was a
broken down bench. It looks way cooler with effects.
Now, in theory the idea behind this trip was, "I will do some historical research for my WIP, Wildwood Spring, while enjoying some relaxation time." Um...I did nothing related to the WIP except tell my husband the premise of the story and say that "Finny would be disappointed by this meal" and then have to explain that Finny is the cook in the mysterious mansion my heroine has taken up residence in with the equally mysterious hero.

"Noooo, no ghosts here." -- Ghosts
We visited the Ice House and Electric Light Company near the train station. It was awesome and the bad, naughty part of me wanted to sneak inside even though it clearly states you'll be murdered in your sleep by ravenous ghosts if you cross the threshold. Okay, it doesn't really say that, but there is a no trespassing sign.

It smelled funny though, like propane or something. In order not to get blown up on accident, I skedaddled back to the truck and we were going to play with some kind of giant windchime thingies in this sort of park-like place, but we saw a hobo and he scared us, so we got back in the truck. We don't do no hobos.

Because it was really, really miserably hot we had to go back to the motel and watch TV and try not to melt. We didn't spend any time downtown at the shops, but we did play mini golf at the park next door and I beat the pants off my husband, who whined and moaned and complained the whole time--in fact, I think he was pretending to be me, because that's usually my role, but I slaughtered him metaphorically. A first.

Before we played mini golf, we visited Magnetic Spring (supposedly if you put metal in it, it comes out magnetized. Old-timey people were gullible), which is not a very good example of the spring I'm writing about in my WIP. Some guy was dipping water out in a gallon jug to pour in his over-heated truck. He said he didn't know what the problem was (I don't know, it was only like a million degrees outside), and I quickly muttered, "I know what the problem is. It's a Chevy." I swear, those things love to overheat. Then I saw this and I tried to get my husband to drink out of it, but he wouldn't. Party pooper. (Okay, I didn't either)

"Drink from me!" -- Water fountain
I turned it on and the water shot out of that thing like ten feet in the air and six feet away. Okay, maybe not that far, but really far. I'll be that bush behind it gets watered a lot by surprised tourists.

Sunday, it rained and we decided to pack up and head home after stealing the little shampoos from the motel. I can safely say I learned this: Don't eat the pot roast at Myrtie Mae's. It was not super delicious. I'm not saying I wouldn't eat there again, because I liked the salad bar, I'm just saying I'd order something else next time. Also, maybe check the weather closer, because Sunday/Monday would've been better weather for wandering around.

When I turned the room keys in, there were some bikers standing in front of the motel lobby door. I was carrying the PW Monster so he wouldn't freak out in the truck. One of the bikers said, "Aww, she doesn't want to get her feet wet." And I was all, "Aww, actually she's a he and he doesn't like you."

And then we brawled. Okay, no, that didn't happen either, but I did think that. And PW doesn't like strangers, so that part is true.

So we drove home, PW trying to get comfortable on my lap the whole way because he was exhausted from being nervous the whole time, and me in a daze because traveling does that to me. I got about 4,000 words done this weekend. Maybe I was sort of inspired by the trip, or maybe I finally just broke out of that funk I was stuck in. Either way, I finally broke 20k. I would love to have this thing done by end of the month or beginning of October so I can start fresh on the second Heckmasters book for NaNo in November.

Okay, I have way too much catching up on other stuff to do now. It's Tuesday, after all.