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Stuff That Baffles Me - Commemorative Memorabilia

Happy Monday, kids! I'm not here, but I didn't forget you on this most glorious of holidays--the anniversary of the discovery of America. By some Spanish dude. Or what he Italian? Well, whatever. 1492, Columbus sailed the blah, blah, blah. I have more important things to worry about. Like Stuff That Baffles Me! Yay!

No, really. He was Italian. Who destroyed millions (yes, millions) of lives by spreading disease and slavery. So naturally, we celebrate this by issuing him a plate.

Okay, I know it says 1992, but you have to consider, I found it in a flea market. Happy Columbus Day, everybody (except those of us with reasons to really hate him and want to spear his flesh and roast him over a fire).

Dear God, I hope that's not like a portrait off of a portrait, because #1) he looks really young and B) dude's got a bad case of the fuglies.

See you Wednesday, kids!


  1. LOL, great post. And yeah, that picture does him know justice. Case of the fuglies is right.
    And you're right. He may have discovered "The New world", but come on, it was there all along. And he did kill millions in order to claim it. But I guess the people living in the new world--their world--didn't matter to him.


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