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Stuff That Baffles Me - Nightmare on Sesame Street

Why is it that weekends just aren't long enough? There's not enough time for all the sleep I want (I got up before 9 am both days), all the sleep I want, all the writing I should do, the other things that I should probably be doing, and sleeping. Last night I pretended that I didn't have to return to work this week. That I had all the free time in the world. It was nice, until I started doing laundry and planning what I'd wear today. Ugh, I know I have to work, I just don't know why I have to work five days a week. Who made up that dumb rule?

Anyway, while I wasn't sleeping, I wandered around Walmart and found your STBM photo for the week. I know you've missed it, because I've been busy recapping other things. So enjoy.

Most of us grew up with Sesame Street, no? Lovable muppets singing and dancing and teaching us how to become mature, responsible adults who don't sleep all the time and go to work. Or something. They're still highly popular today. Kids love them, adults romp around in their muppet memories. With Christmas time a-comin', the marketers are on full-fledged get-ready-for-your-kids-to-scream-about-everything-they-want mode. Here's what they came up for this holiday season, featuring none other than Elmo.

Aw, Elmo's hugging that little boy. Or...wait... Hold on a second. Elmo's freakin' fixing to take a bite out of that kid. I'm pretty sure that's zombie Elmo, y'all. Get the chainsaw. Hands around the little boy's neck, mouth wide open and inches from tender, tasty kiddie, scream of terror on Junior's lips. Yup. He's finally gone off the deep end. It's Zombie Elmo, available exclusively at Walmart.

Who put this marketing package together? It wasn't enough to just cram Elmo behind some plastic? After Chucky movies and Ted, I'm no longer a huge fan of stuffies. Get that baby eating Elmo away from me.

It was monthly meeting time at ORA, but I skipped critique to get some much-needed writing time in. Oh, massive fail. I ended up rereading the last couple of chapters so I could be sure of what was happening when I left off. It took much longer than I expected. And, yeah, I might have read a chapter of fanfiction, so that definitely stalled me. I made up for it when I got home though. There are 6,000 words left to write to reach my shortened goal and lots of detail adding and padding to do after that. I'm so close, yet so far away from finishing Wildwood Spring. I've got ideas for The Heckmasters: Eban burning up my brain. To be honest, I'll be glad to work on something super weird instead of just a little weird for a while. It's a nice change of pace.

The guest speaker was great. We had Jeff Houghton, who runs his own TV show in Springfield and does improv comedy with The Skinny Improv. Funny guy. I actually made myself get up and be part of his improv exercise. It was about zombie cats and there was a lot of laughter. You guys should be sad that you missed out, if you missed out. Little known fact: I used to do improv in high school with a partner. We did improv and brief skits (we did a lot of X-Files skits as Scully and Mulder). Fun times. I lettered in speech and drama in high school. I have medals. And now I'm super-nervous about talking in front of groups. Which was kind of Jeff's point: We have to take those risks that scare us and get out of our comfort zones. I'm actually working on being braver--you wouldn't know it by my last pitch session. But, um, I'm on an author panel at ORA next month. I can't imagine anyone really wanting my opinion about anything, but I'll be there, quasi-prepared in case that happens. Ask me a question, like: Why did you decide to pitch your historical romance to an e-publisher instead of self-publish it like your steampunk romances? (I'll try to come up with an answer where I'm not stuttering, okay?)

We attended FarmFest on Sunday and it was horribly cold. Stupid fall weather. I didn't take any pictures, so sorry for that. When we got home, we carved pumpkins, something we haven't done since we first got married. I do have a picture of those and I'll post it soon. Mine is way too happy for a jack-o-lantern. I call him the Smiling Idiot. You're going to love him.

Um, that's all I've got. It's Monday. Do your best today, even if it's awful.


  1. You guys were hilarious Saturday. I had tears in my eyes. Zombie cats!

    1. The exercise he did with Cara Bristol was too funny. I almost died laughing.

  2. Zombie Elmo...LOVE IT. I agree, that packaging is weird. I think Lisa is rubbing off on other ORA members with all this zombie talk. :) And I was a bit startled when next month's panel was discussed at the meeting. I was thinking...oh, that's this next month? It's actually happening? Guess we better figure out what to say!

    Great post. Your blog is always a sunny spot in my day.

    1. Thanks, Sara. :)

      Yeah, I was like, holy cow! Next month is November and they want talking! The more I try to think of something intelligent to say, the more flustered I get.

  3. LOLOLOLOL, I would have loved to see you do zombie cats. And so agree on that freaky Elmo. Yikes!

    1. It was hilarious. I'm glad I made myself get up there some a couple of people who were total strangers (and Lisa Medley) and act dumb.


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