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Stuff That Baffles Me - That Bottle Called Me Loser

Welcome back to Monday. What an exciting time in our lives...or, okay, yeah, that's not really working, is it? Yep. It's Monday. Blogger is giving me crap when I try to type a title, FB won't let me update my status from the Interwebz (I haven't tried from my phone yet), I got stung by a bee, and my car window won't roll up. Sixteen miles is a long way when it's 40 degrees outside, let me tell you.

Fortunately for you, I have STBM. At least there's that.

You guys watch The Big Bang Theory? This bottle of pear juice (?) reminded me of Barry Kripke. This could only have been better had the bottle said "Woosa!"
This has been (a pretty lame) Stuff That Baffles Me. You can tell I'm not really putting a lot of effort out right now. It's winter. Time for hibernation. Okay, it's fall, but winter is coming, so I might as well entertain the notion of hibernating, just like I usually do. If only...

I've dabbled a bit with Wildwood Spring and added a scene, yay. I planned to extend another and add one more, then I was like, eh the hell with it. Sooner or later, I'm sure I'll get bored and find an excuse to do things with it. The Convict and the Cattleman waited three years for me to do something. Nothing makes Wildwood any more special. It can wait, because... I started something new.

Never one to sit idle for long, because idle...devil's work...whatever, I've been toying with character names and while I suspected my muse was broken shortly after I finished Wildwood, turns out it was just joking. Thank God. While I'm cruising the Interwebz, searching for a good occupation for an old-timey person, I decided on miller. And then, boom, I had a plot and things didn't take off from there, because I wasn't quite sure how to start.

I did, however, decide to return to Wilson township just like in The Wrong Brother's Bride. So that's what I'm playing at now. You know, while waiting for NaNoWriMo to begin. I'm 3000 words strong on this new book that has a tentative title that sucks, so I'm not sharing it.

I have my reasons for not really taking a break between books. They're mine, you can't have them.

That's what I was up to yesterday. More Wilson township. We'll see where it goes and what happens during NaNo.

It's Monday. Ugh. Just ugh.


  1. Let me be the first to comment. You can't be a prisoner to the weather, especially with winter coming on. I love your references to having multiple stories laying around. Someday, they will likely bloom into full novels. Keep at it!


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