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Swamp Thang

My husband insisted on four-wheeler riding last weekend. You know. My big 3-day weekend. The one where I was supposed to be editing for So You Think You Can Write. My plan was to sit in my chair, listen to Anna the Talking Robot for a few hours on end, and get that stuff done. (I lost my flash drive, btw. My FIL found it later, but they still have it, so I have no idea if it works or not because it was outside overnight. Yeah, I had a back up of Wildwood Spring. No worries.) He dragged me out of the chair. Into nature. That place I've been mostly avoiding a large part of the year. Here's pictures. And a hilarious story for your entertainment.

Brushy Creek, Glade Top Trail, Mark Twain National Forest

A crawdad in Brushy Creek.

Dogwood leaves changing colors.
Crazy tree.
Creepy cemetery in the middle of God's nowhere at Glade Top.
No one maintains this. So creepy.
Don't eat the toadstools.

This is exactly what it looks like. A four wheeler in a giant puddle. The farther out my husband's mom and dad went, the deeper they sank. It didn't look this deep.

So, how's the water?
The best part was: In the second to last picture there, my husband's dad is tying a rope to the four wheeler my husband is on. You know, so he could pull them out in reverse. So FIL walks up to the other four wheeler, kicks the clutch off and has one foot on the bank and one on the four wheeler. Husband puts it in reverse and...FIL has this look on his face. His eyes just got bigger and bigger as he fell toward the mud hole. He reached out and grabbed a whole lot of nothing. It was a miracle he didn't go in face first, but he wound up in it past his waist (he's short). It was the funniest thing I've seen in forever. Husband was disappointed because I didn't get a video.

I was the only one who didn't get wet, because I got off before Husband tried pushing the other one out going forward. Silly people in the stinky mud. There was a perfectly good dry road right beside that mud hole.

 I did get that editing done. The SYTYCW finalists were notified this morning with just a few hang backs (I wonder if those are for people in other countries where it's dark thirty?) and some "maybe" considerations for later. who do you sub weird gothic romances? Well, I don't know. I'll probably just pub it myself. If I can come to terms with the weird. Oh, god. I feel a rewrite coming on. Noooooo! Must. Focus. On. NaNo. Except if my flash drive doesn't work, then I lost the first four pages of the latest Heckmaster novel. That's okay. Every time I lose something, I just tell myself it'll be even better next time. Except...I need that first paragraph, because it was badass. I posted it on FB, I'll find it.