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The Friday Five - I'm So Weird

I was looking for a specific blog post yesterday about NaNoWriMo, because I couldn't remember participating in 2011. I did. And I won, but darned if I could remember it. So I found the post where I proclaimed myself Queen of the Universe, more or less, and there was some weird line in the post that made me laugh. So today, I offer you weird things that I write that make me laugh.

1) From a Facebook post in 2011: I got airmail from Australia yesterday. I never got airmail before. It was awesome. It's the romance trading cards I won on a blog. They're pretty cool. Anything free is cool, except diseases. You can keep those.

2) From my college days: I'm like a pretty zebra, only I'm not pretty and I'm not a zebra.

3) From a tweet in 2012: Holy smokey-smokersons (I just wanted to say something weird. Mission accomplished).

4) From a tweet in 2010: I'm all out of rose color and glasses #nothinglefttolose

5) From the blog in December 2010: Christmas is approaching and following that, New Years. You know my creed: I never, ever, never, ever, don’t-do-it-anymore-can’t-make-me-ain’t-happenin’-so-don’t-bother-askin’-cause-I’m-gonna-say-no, make a New Years’ Resolution. If you were wondering, I’m not making one. I always botch them within the first week or two, so what’s the point? Self-improvement? I laugh in the face of self-improvement! Or, more aptly, swear in the face of it. Gosh-darnit, I just can’t stop swearing.

It's Friday. The weekend is here. We're saved. Go, be, do.


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