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Writing, Rambling, Rehashing

*Sigh* Dear sweet and fluffy lord, it's Wednesday, isn't it? I suppose that means you people want something from me. Like an update, since I've taken a temporary reprieve from hosting book features/author interviews. Well, okay then.

The WIP is coming along 1,000 words at a time. We're now at 46k and the end is nigh. I've run into a little plotting problem-o though. Uh, the hero lied about who he is and the heroine just goes along with it, but slowly starts to figure it out. When he told her the truth about something else, she very tiredly says she doesn't want to know anything else right then. The story progresses and he still doesn't tell her his real identity. Then he proposes and...bam! I forgot that he didn't tell her. So I need to go back and fix that so it's not like she's bizarrely marrying some dude whose last name she doesn't know (that she knows). Ugh. Stupid characters.

I'm really looking forward to saying bye-bye to writing this one. I'm sure with some distance, I'll be able to come back and see what an interesting book this is. Right now, I kind of want it over so I can take more time to think about the next installment of the Heckmasters. I'm itching to write it.

One of my favorite things to mull on is this: I started writing Wildwood Spring at the beginning of July. Here we are, three months and some change later, and I have an almost complete novel (50k is a novel to me. I subscribe to NaNo rules. You could call it a long novella. Schematics). It's always amazing to me how I go from a mostly blank document to one that's filled with pages. How you can go from oh, god, I'll never finish this to holy cow, it's almost over! Character lives laid out in lines. There's humor and sadness, anger and love. The time would've passed whether I was writing or not, but I'm glad it passed with these characters in my head. Sure, Wildwood Spring has been a difficult story to write. It didn't pour form my fingertips like some novels have. It's challenges are what have steered me into making this one a little shorter than my others, but I don't think it loses anything being 10-20k shorter. The important factors in the story are still there. It's challenged me, made me do research, taught me new things. It's been fun.

I'm glad I'm making time to write it. I mean, it's not like it's literary gold, but it's a nice story and it's given me something to do over the end of summer and beginning of fall. But I still can't wait for THE END.


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