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Don't Pop the Champagne Yet, But...

There are five days left in the month and I think it's fair to say I'm going to win NaNoWriMo for the first time in two years. I'm sitting pretty at 45k this morning, ahead of schedule by two days. I think I've got this mother. Assuming the characters don't give up, of course.

I wrote devilishly (it's a pun, because the hero is a half-demon and there are lots of other demons in the book, see?) fast over the weekend to get ahead. I successfully navigated the waters of 50k for the entire manuscript, which I started in October. I might have gone farther, but I was watching football yesterday and it was very distracting. And disappointing, because the stupid team with a good record lost. They lost to a team that's not even that great. I hope they're all being flogged this morning. There's a reason I'm not a football coach. I mean, it's mostly because I'm not athletic and I don't even know the reasons for most of the plays in football, but also it's because I'd yell at the players a lot and make them feel bad about themselves, because that's how my generation grew up, goldarnit. You got yelled at instead of getting a ribbon of participation.

Um, anyway. Got line edits for The Wrong Brother's Bride. I had them done in about five minutes because they were nice and light. We'll be going to the galley next, which means I can start thinking about excerpts. On FB, I said, "Damn, I'm good" because they were so light, but I obviously have to thank my content editor and Anna the Talking Robot for catching my dumb human errors. Damn, we're good as a team.

Okay, off to do other things and complain about football. Stupid football. They're not getting any of the imaginary champagne I'm opening for NaNo.


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