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NaNo Update

Hi, kids! I didn't get you anything for Stuff That Baffles Me, because I'm a bad blog parent. I have an excuse--my brain is fried from watching too much TV. There, that settles it.

Saturday I was on an author panel at ORA, in which apparently I made people laugh because there's photographic evidence.

Don't look at me, look at the laughing people. I look terrible. I don't know what I was talking about, so don't ask for specifics. I'm sure it was excellent advice, though, because would I give you any other kind? (Some of you, don't answer that!)

I only managed a couple hundred words on NaNo that day. There was intention to complete the assigned amount, but the best laid plans, but they kind of got waylaid when we rented The Walking Dead. We missed Daylight Savings time because we were up to our ears in walkers. We didn't turn it off until 3 am and we were only six episodes into it, I think.

Last night went the same way. I got my writing in early with some bonus, so I only need a little over 600 words to make today's goal. The plot thickens. Eban, the middle Heckmaster brother, has more or less sold his soul (if he has one, dum, dum, dum), lied about what he's doing, swears he won't do anything bad, and is, of course, going to do the bad thing anyway, despite knowing what the consequences will be. The heroine, who's possessed by a lust demon, has no idea and is being dragged around by said demon, who's enticing others to get really, really intimate in public. It's delightful in a horrible way.

And I wrote a couple of paragraphs on my new historical while I was coloring my hair, so there's that too. You know I'm not a plotter, but I need to do some thinking on this one before it can really advance. I've got to get some kind of idea where it's going.

Okay, stop blogging, start writing. It's Monday. The time has changed, I'm totally boggled, but I've got chaos to create in a manuscript.