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The Friday Five - Things Going On Right This Second

I gotta make this quick, kids, because I'm up to my eyebrows in work. Five things going on now:

1) This:
 Available at Amazon for your reading pleasure! The ebook is available for pre-order at Kobo and iTunes right now, but will become availble at all your favorite e-book stores January 6, 2013.

2) This:

Ahh, crap. I'm still behind. Keeping up with the word count is not as easy as I would have hoped. This book is killing me.

3) This:

It's higher than than now, thanks to last night's massive addition of slightly over 3500 words to almost catch up to NaNo. God, my elbow is sore.

4) This:

5) And finally, this:
With his empty, souless eyes. Um, that was
unintentionally creepy. Sorry.


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