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You Can Pop That Champagne Now

The Friday Five has been usurped by good news. Get your champagne glasses ready. Actually, I have a bottle of Martinelli's Sparkling Cider because I don't like champagne, although I dream of the day I become wealthy and can shake the bottle, spewing frothy golden alcohol everywhere just because. Probably this can be done with Martinelli's, but I'm not going to try, because there's no one to clean it up but me. Like my husband would do it. Ha. Anyway, drink up. We have lots to celebrate.

I finished NaNoWriMo at 50,035. I realize I posted on FB that it was 50,010, but the word counter and the validater on the NaNo site disagreed. Who cares, that's most of the book done. Editing is going to be painful, but I have to get through another 10-15k first.

 I found out Wednesday morning that I've been selected to sign at the Kimberling Area Library in Kimberling City, Mo on February 1, 2014. I had to fill out an application to see if they would pick me because they had a lot of authors interested and little space. I was nervous because application! How exciting, because The Convict and the Cattleman will have been out just about a month by that time. I said I'd speak if they wanted, but I just cleared that fence; they have other writers with more interesting topics than me. Whew!

This is the big one:
If you follow along on Facebook, you might remember that I shared a graphic from Breathless Press about their NaNo critique. I'd chugged along on Wildwood Spring for a while with mondo help from my good buddy, D'Ann Lindun (I heart D'Ann) encouraging me along on it. I was pretty dead set to self-pub Wildwood after it didn't go anywhere in SYTYCW because I only have plans to do one so far next year (yeah, I'm behind. Sue me.) I thought, well, I'll send it BP's way, see what their editor thinks and maybe something good will happen.

Something good happened.

I was asked for the full and fast-tracked to an editor. Yay! So I re-read it the week after and on Brave Thursday (I reserve submissions for Thursdays, I don't know why, but I've always liked Thursdays--maybe it's because Thor is hot?) I sent the MS.

I'm waiting for a couple of things in my e-mail. Galleys for The Wrong Brother's Bride, a cover too, and word on The Heckmasters: Wystan. Waiting has become my pastime. That's cool, because when I get things I'm waiting for, usually they're good. So I decide not to concern myself with the submission to BP because on their website it says 6-8 weeks. Time's gonna pass and I'm trying to wrangle Eban and Beryl into place.

Tuesday, I get an unexpected email. It says: Subject: Wildwood Spring

My heart figuratively falls to the floor. My first thought was oh, no. A mere five days had passed since I sent the MS. In the world of publishing, many of us know that short response times can often be not so fun. I stared at the subject, flipped to a different internet tab. Flipped back. It's not like I couldn't open it, I mean it was there, looking at me! I drew in a deep breath and clicked the email.

Out of habit, I never read the first line, because I assume it's not going to be good. Lots of agent rejections have taught me this. So starting in the middle of the paragraph can be confusing, but I'm pretty sure I made this face:

I think I'm getting
better at drawing,
don't you? I had
to add teeth because
it looked like my
mouth was a
mustache. :{
 It wasn't a rejection, it was an acceptance! I still get that crazy giddy feeling when I get one. Like the world is looking at me through a telescope and this is the only thing happening right now and it's amazing! The editor liked it. My weird gothic romance! I mean, it has a serious dollop of weird in it, but that's what makes it special and unique, right?

I immediately fumbled for my phone and tried to type a text message to my mom, but I don't text often and my brain was rapidly pinging around and couldn't remember how to do it. When I did figure it out, my hands were shaking so hard, I could barely hit the buttons. She texted me back, telling me that she told me it was good!

Then I looked like this:
Hmm, no. Turns out I'm NOT getting better.
Murderous was not look I was going for here.
And I have no idea why this image is darker.
I didn't suddenly develop a tan and a skin tag.
I give up.

Maybe this is better:
Yeah, that's...uh, no.
I think it's pretty obvious that I can barely contain my excitement. Even though I'm digging through the pre-edit guide and it's totally the opposite of everything I do now, so my MS looks way messed up based on Breathess's guidelines. Ah, well. As they say, keeps you out of the bars and gutters...or something.

Happy Black Friday (I'm not here today, but I'll see you kids Monday)! Go eat some pie!