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Another One Bites the Dust

I was really hoping to finish The Heckmasters: Eban this month. I started it in October and it was time to put that baby to bed. I had some trouble going into the final chapters, because there was kind of a lot going on.

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You have the possessed heroine and have to figure out how to unpossess her because the demon laughs at the "traditional" exorcism ways. You have the trouble hero who's in love with the heroine from the previous novel, but alas, she loves his brother and marries him instead, so I had to make this hero fall in love with this heroine. You have the unexpected angel roaming around (who wasn't in my plans at all), you have a forgotten past, a long-lost brother, a long-lost father, and surprise! Another long-lost brother. It kind of boiled down to everyone wants to kill everyone else. Early Sunday morning, after half-paying attention to reruns of Burn Notice and Leverage, I finished Eban's book. I'm glad it's over and I managed the HFN. I'm dreading the editing. *shakes fist* Darn you, necessary evils!

I had to do some rewriting on Sunday after Saturday's session because the end was a little too much like the end of The Sky Pirate's Wife. Oops. Well, it was good ending. I got that all cleared up and mended a rift between Eban and Tell. No one can stay mad at Tell. It's impossible.

This makes my 9th finished novel. Sweeeet.

I also hit 10k on Winning Her Heart. I'm trying to convince myself this is the novel I'm writing for Jano. Although I've started Tell's book and it's not coming along too badly, I kind of need the break from the Heckmasters. Too much of a good thing and all that. Oh, all right. I'm really flopping back and forth because I like the historical, but I really, really like Tell.

I got the fantastic opportunity to beta read a fantastic novel over the weekend for Lisa Medley. It's the third book in her reaper series, which I've had the privilege of reading from the start. Keep your eyeballs peeled in March when the first one comes out in a boxed set from Harlequin.

On top of 10,000 words give or take, I've earned myself a spectacular case of tennis elbow. This can happen when you write a lot. It'll be fine. Or it'll fall off. Whichever. Oh, I suppose I could stop writing for a while, but...yeah, I don't think that's going to happen. Stop writing. Snort. Very funny.

P.S. The Wilson's Creek luminary memorial event was cancelled and they're not rescheduling. I has a sad.