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Cue the Celebration Music, Y'all

Sorry for the glare on the shiny bottle of Martinelli's. Cameras, amiright?

What's this bottle for? Didn't we just open one of these? Yes, we did. We're not opening bottles of Martinelli's (also, I'm not stocking these in a cellar or anything. I kid you not, I've actually had this bottle since June. I hope it didn't have an expiration date before then...) for the fun of it.

It all started in May, really, if you think about it. I was working on The Wrong Brother's Bride and on the first Heckmasters book. Two at once, boy, that was some work. Good work though. I finished TWBB around the end of May, but Wystan took me a little longer, like mid-June.

I'd already submitted TWBB to the Weta Nichols Writing Contest, but I was chomping the bit to send it to my Lyrical editor, so I did that instead and withdrew the entry. I swapped it out for Wystan. I was nervous about it. You guys know I like a healthy dollop of weird in my writing; Wystan is crawling with it. I've written mythical creatures, but never demons. They leave me feeling yucky, but it's not like I'm getting the candles out and chanting for them myself. My heroes are slaying them. Go, heroes. My big plan was to self-pub the Heckmasters, because why not?

Then this happened:

There was still time to pitch to Samhain editor Holly at the Ozarks Romance Authors annual conference. I was a wreck. I'm weird like that. Needless to say, I bombed. I probably could've done better if I'd been drinking before I pitched, but it was only a little after 9 am, so that seemed out of the question.

Of course, she'd already experienced the first chapter of the book by judging, so she was excited about it, even though I couldn't talk my way out of a wet paper bag, to use a bad cliche.

I sent Wysy-poo out the door on September 26. Let's fast forward, because I didn't really do much writing or anything in October. In November, I started NaNoWriMo, which kept me busy, thank God, although I'm getting waaayyy better at waiting *snort* okay, I'm not. I was having dreams about checking my email, which I'm sure isn't unusual for writers. I was waiting to hear back on Wildwood Spring too, so as you can imagine, my anxiety was peak levels. I dreamed that they both got acceptance letters. Upon waking up, I was like, dreams, you're deceiving. Naughty dreams!

So on November 25, even though I felt like a giant meany, I (hopefully) politely inquired about the status of Wystan. Holly very politely emailed back that it was still under consideration. Resume nail-biting.

As you know, on November 27, I cheerfully signed the contract for Wildwood. And celebrated with Martinelli's.

So I'm alternating working on Eban and filling out paperwork and pinching myself to make sure I'm awake when I check my email on December 3 and there's an email. Weird, right? An email in my inbox. The subject:
The Heckmasters: Wystan

I'm pretty sure I made this face:
I accidentally dyed my hair brown, remember?

I summoned the nerve to click the email. I actually managed to read this one from the first line down instead of skipping to the middle or end like I usually do. Ahem. Then, after reading said email, which was very good news, I may have pretended to think about whether I wanted to sign the contract, because she said, and I quote, "Take some time to think this over, and let me know if you’d like to place the book with Samhain", but really I was all, woohoo! I'm going to sign a contract with Samhain!

Of course, I texted my mom to let her know and I emailed Holly back toward the end of the day after pretending I was thinking. Like, trust my tombstone family to Holly and Samhain! Absolutely! I call them the tombstone family because I pulled their surname off a tombstone I saw at a kiosk at a mall (tombstone kiosks at the mall. That's so bizarre).

Anyway, I waited until Monday to announce this bit of super-awesome because I wanted to get the contract signed and all that good stuff.

Let's have a drink! (But watch that Martinelli's, because if you put the lid back on, leave it overnight, and shake it up to make sure it's still fizzy, when you pop the lid off again, that sucker will fly! I'm really glad I had that pointed away from my face.)


  1. Congratulations, Allison! You are a fabulous writer who works hard on her craft. Kuddos! ~Angela


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