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It's Friday and I Got Nothin'

I mean, I've been snowed in since practically last Friday. I missed the ORA Christmas Party--huge sad face. I sat on my bum from Thursday until Saturday afternoon when hell or high water I was getting out of the house. The road was covered in mooshed down snow and ice, but my trusty little POS Taurus got me to a nearby town. I took the PeeWee Monster with me because I thought if I ran off the road, at least I'd have company. I didn't run off the road though, because I am amazing! That was easily the worst road I've ever driven on. I just don't do snow.

I accidentally colored my hair brown, trimmed my bangs blunt-style and too short, tore my sole remaining left contact, and got a massive headache from squinting. It was super fun! Not. I looked a bit like Angelica Houston with my bangs uncurled and straight across my forehead. I looked a bit like Gibbs on NCIS when my hair was parted down the middle. I've always wondered why he doesn't cut his and maybe use a little gel to get them to stick up. Yeah, it's that bad. I side-parted my hair this morning and at least they look...well, less bad. If I could just get a few of those pieces to lay down. I realize why I ditched the bangs look oh, ten years ago.

Doesn't everybody write naked?
On the other hand, I didn't make it into work again until Wednesday morning, so I got a ton of writing done. I bumped up another couple thousand words on The Heckmaster: Eban, started The Heckmasters: Tell (even though I tried not to), and managed a couple thousand on my historical Winning Her Heart. I wrote a blog post, answered some interview questions, made it through a round of listening to Anna read The Wrong Brother's Bride galley, and mostly didn't go crazy from boredom. Okay, a little. My husband was gone plowing snow for the state and for a while me and PeeWee thought things were going to turn into The Shining, but we battled snow fever and won.

He actually enjoyed the snow and had a blast playing in it. For a dog that hates taking a bath, he didn't mind snow sticking in his fur, go figure.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the round of freezing rain and snow coming this weekend doesn't cancel the Wilson's Creek National Battlefield luminary lighting. Remember the photos I did last year? Well, I wanna do some more! It's one of my favorite Christmas activities. Okay, it's really all we do for Christmas, but it's so much fun to see all the Civil War guys dressed in their costumes and view the luminaries on the road, then go through the Ray House.

It's Friday, we made it through this wintry week, thank goodness. You know the drill: go, be, do.